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Jan 6, 2007 01:24 AM

Microcress (with vincotto drizzle or otherwise)

One local New Year's Eve package offered
Seared eggplant, goat cheese and roasted capsicum with microcress and a vincotto drizzle.

Vincotto I've found out about - it's a reduced unfermented grape must. What's microcress, do you grow it, buy it, or make it? I speculate it's essentially cress sprouts - in the 60's in the Britain we used to raise "mustard and cress" in eggshells to just the two-leaf stage, and make sandwiches with them.

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  1. Microgreens are (or are supposed to be) the NEW something, not too sure what. Anyways, they're very tasty, and very expensive. Here's some info:

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    1. re: RicRios

      What I get from that is that microcress is just what I thought... Very fancy sprouts. The prices are per pound of seed, and a pound of cress seed would probably go a long way.

      1. re: HenryT

        I'll bet there's some growing in your backyard right now. Free and full flavored.

        1. re: howund09

          I live in Ottawa. You'd lose that bet. We have this thing called winter. It's not really cold this year, but everything's dormant. Right now, everything white, though that hasn't lasted.

          We some home-grown greens into December, though.

    2. This is exactly when you'll find it. Look for running water like creeks or springs and you'll find it in small rosettes. Also wintercress likes to pop up out of the snow on "warm" spells. Peterson's field guide is a must.