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Jan 6, 2007 12:44 AM

Xingu Beer in Lancaster, York, Berks counties?

Any idea where I can get Xingu (Brazilian black beer) in Lancaster, York or Berks counties? Either at a restaurant or a case. Thanks.

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  1. have you tried Shangy's in Emmaus Lehigh County, just below Allentown, they claim to sell 3000 beers. Give them a call.

    40 East Main Street
    Emmaus, PA 18049
    Tel:(610) 967-1701

    here is the name of the wholesale distributor who sells it to the retail beer distributor

    All Star Distributing
    1000 Patriot Parkway
    Reading, PA 19605
    Tel:(800) 676-0786

    1. There's a great beer distributor, that my husband lovingly refers to as the "Beer Mecca" in Lancaster. Kirchner's beer distributor. Here's their teeny tiny website, with address:

      Not sure if they have it, but you could call first to find out.


      1. thanks so much. I will try them. All-Star is listed as a distributor on Xingu's website but when I called them last year they had no idea what I was talking about. Maybe Shangy's has it. And Kirchner's is close so I'll try them, too.

        1. In Berks County, I would try The Beer Mart in Reading.

          301 Morgantown Rd
          Reading, PA 19611
          610) 376-7341

          I dont know if they have Xingu but they have a really big selection of some pretty unusual imports. And at least some of their staff is pretty knowledgable.

          1. aikb2006: Did you find what you were looking for? We'd love to hear your results.


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              Kirchner's used to carry it a few years ago but then couldn't get it. I tried the new Beer Planet in town and they hadn't heard of it but said if the PA LCB had it on their website (they do), then someone should carry it. So helpful.

              I have to try the Reading/Allentown suggestions but don't have time this week. I will repost if I find it.

              Thanks again.