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Jan 6, 2007 12:10 AM

Best car-accessible-only food in Queens (and Brooklyn)?

We live in Astoria and have a car for a few days, and I'd like to know what people think the "must-eat" food is in non-subway-accessible outer-borough neighborhoods. I don't want to hear about anything in Rego Park or Flushing - we take chowish trips out there via subway all the time. I'm talking absolutely inaccessible except by car. Any thoughts?

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  1. I recommend visiting the Six Point Brewery in Redhook, Brooklyn. They have a great brewery tour on Saturdays at 1pm, where they take you through the whole process of brewing and give you tastes of different ingredients and free beer. The tour starts in the adjoining Liberty Heights Tap Room.

    If you're not into beer, there are 2 great desert places in Queens that are hard to get to by subway. Lemon Ice King of Corona and Eddie's Sweet Shop (old fashioned ice cream parlor) in Forest Hills. Both have good Italian places nearby if you require predesert courses: Leo's Latticini (aka. Mama's) in Corona and Dee's Pizza in Forest Hills.

    Also, I'll some day make my way out to La Baraka, a French-Algerian bistro on the edge of Queens in Little Neck. It has pretty good reviews on this board.

    1. *360 in Red Hook
      *Totonno's Coney Island
      *Di Fara's (Midwood) is actually just a few blocks from the El line, but it is a real trek.

      1. Curry Goat from Tikka Grill on Astoria Blvd. across from LaGuardia. Excellent kebabs also.