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Alligator meet at restaurant in Southern California

Does anybody know of a restaurant that serves alligator meet in Southern California?

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  1. I believe Rajun Cajun in Hermosa Beach does. I didn't like the food there.


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      Had it there...tastes like chicken !!!

    2. Alligators have meetings.. Do they eat meat there?
      *snicker :)~

      Some Brazilian Churrascarias might. Amazon Churrascaria in Fullerton does.


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        Alligators do have meetings, The Alligator Club used to meet at Domenico's in Monrovia (there is a certificate hanging on their wall acknowledging their service to alligators), and alligator meat would be acquired and delivered to their kitchen, where they would prepare it for the initiation ceremony.

        So if you really gotta have some alligator, go to the meat department in your local supermarket, have them special order it, and find an accomodating restaurant to prepare it.

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          Thank you so much for your sage advice - was wondering how long that was going to go uncommented upon!

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            Yeah, I believe they also used to meet near Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park (for you old-time Californians).

        2. I am thankful for some anomymity on this board, embarassing spelling errors aside.

          The alligator meeting has been cancelled due to lack of interest. I will now be able to "meet" my friend to enjoy a good alligator "meat" dinner.

          Thanks for your kind advice. :-)

          1. I think Uncle Darrow's in Venice has alligator po-boys and everything they serve is good. Though I have to say I'm not sure why you would want to eat alligator. Beyond the novelty of it, it's a pretty flavorless meat.

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              tastes and looks like chicken, with the texture of beef. i remember when orleans used to have crawfish and gator cajun popcorn. i miss that restaurant...

            2. Guess why it tastes like chciken. Guess what they feed gators? Duh, Chicken !

              1. Try Phong Dinh in Rosemead for some Vietnamese-style cooking. Not only do they have alligator, but they also have quail, squab, ostrich, rabbit, venison, kangaroo, goat, boar, fresh water snake, eel, frog legs, snails, ark shells, and the usual assortment of seafood, beef, pork, and chicken. You should call in advance to make sure they have whatever it is you are looking for.

                Here's my mini-review: http://www.geocities.com/raytamsgv/vi...

                1. I believe Tu Tu Tango on Citywalk serves a fried alligator dish, kinda like popcorn chicken...

                  1. The Gumbo Pot at Farmer's Market has it on their menu:


                    Had it in Gatorland, Florida. It does taste like chicken, which doesn't say much...

                    1. Amori in Monrovia (chef was the old head chef at Devon and used to work at Shiro) had an amazing pan-roasted alligator a couple months ago. not sure if it's on the menu now, though you can probably call and find out. This is a cal-french restaurant, and they often have unique dishes like this.

                      the alligator was tail meat and came with some vegetables in a light broth. it was an appetizer, but it was a pretty large portion. cost was around $12-$14.