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Jan 5, 2007 11:45 PM

New Italian Deli in Silverlake?

I've noticed, while driving by, an Italian deli on sunset blvd on the same block as Dusty's. Has anyone tried it? opinions? Thanks.

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  1. I believe it's called Cardone's.

    I went in either day one or two with the intent of buying some really fresh Italian mortadella. Inside it was very disorganized. The meats in the deli case were not displayed but just thrown in along with assorted other ... things ... food items/not food items. Not sure.

    Immediately I had to switch gears. There appeared to be three employees but only one was working the register and was helping the only other customer. I decided to get a sandwich which the other fellow was getting too. But they only had one menu which was placed under a protective covering right in front of the cash register. They had to move everything to show me the menu.

    It was such a problem that I just walked out. That was about two weeks ago. At this point it looks like they are planning to be a sandwich shop. I was hoping they would be something of a Italian deli version of the Silverlake Cheese Shop so maybe my expectations were too high.

    Anyway, I want to give them my business and will check back soon.

    1. I was in there about a week ago. It is mostly a sandwich shop, with some meats and some cheeses for sale. I wanted to buy a burrata, but they told me it wasn't all that fresh that day so I could either have it at about half price or I should come back Wednesday when they were expecting a new shipment. Points to them for that.

      I ordered two sandwiches to take away. They were both good, but not something I'd drive far for - I live just up the hill from there. One of the sandwiches would have been better if the person making it had thought to peel the tough wrapping off the salami before slicing it and putting it in the sandwich. I got it home and my girlfriend had to peel each piece of salami before she could eat it.

      Unless there are some dramatic improvements, I might go there from time to time when I don't want to go far and I want an okay Italian sandwich, but otherwise, not so much.