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Jan 5, 2007 11:37 PM

Christina's Ice Cream at Bohemian Ice Cream & Cafe in Melrose

I haven't been there yet, but according to this article, Bohemian Ice Cream & Cafe in Melrose is serving Christina's ice cream. Woo hoo!

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  1. Woohoo indeed! I just googled directions, and hope to get there in the next couple of days. I love Christina's ice cream.
    Let us know if you get there first, please.

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      I am currently cursed with a no-dairy diet right now and I'm not even going to go in there because I don't want to cry all over their display case.

      They are located just up the street from Sweet Spot (just over the railroad tracks), which is a pretty good bakery. There's also a cafe on the same block of stores called Cedar Perk. I've only been there once- standard diner fare, but good enough for what it is. Not too far up the street is Caruso's (home of the yummy Zazza pizza). So if you're going to venture to Melrose you could make a day of it :-)

    2. I did indeed take a day (or an hour or so...) tour of Melrose. It was easy to find the Bohemian Cafe. It's so tiny, I would never have seen it, or thought of checking out the ice cream, and I thank you. I pulled right into a parking space at the front door (take that, Inman Square!) Cedar Perk was closed, and the Sweet Spot - I apologize, but it's hard to even look at commercial bakery stuff. I did try the zazza pizza, because Caruso's was such a museum of Italian family life how could the pizza be bad?

      But the Bohemian - all those flavors of Christina's! Such big scoops!, sigh, it was heaven. Oh - and the counter person, Hilary, gave me the last bite of her own personal chocolate bar, because I hadn't heard of Gearhart's: excellent criolla, with wonderful complex layers of flavor; I'm a convert - and since the bars were less than $5... I got two!

      Now, I have to think of excuses to detour through Melrose. <grin>

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        I drove by today and looked longingly at the "We have Ice Cream" sign as I passed- so glad you went there! The article said they have chocolate- is it a large selection? I can do dark chocolate as long as it's milk free, so if it's a decent selection I think I'll have to go!

        Perfect description of Caruso's! What did you think of the Zazza?

      2. They don't have a large assortment of chocolate - they mostly got it for Christmas, and there are only a few bars and some chocolate coated ginger left. I think that we should buy it out and encourage them to get more. I hadn't seem it anywhere else, and its terrific: I'm looking at a bar that's 70% venezuelan chocolate and roasted cocoa beans.... The chocolate could make up for the ice cream.

        And the zazza was tasty - not at all what I had expected: it smelled fresh. I'd definitely get it again.