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Jan 5, 2007 11:27 PM

Your favorite sandwich. Ones you make at home.

Wondering what's CHers favorite make at home sandwiches are.....cold cuts, cheese, type of bread, toppings.

I usually stick to BH honey maple or smoked turkey, BH low sodium ham and Alpine Lace provolone. Typical bread is whole grain...doesn't matter what kind. Topped with dill pickle chips, onions, shredded icebereg lettuce and a little mayo.

Yesterday, I decided I was sick of this so I bought some BH roast beef and BH vermont cheddar. What a nice change !! Made with ketchup on rye. Yum !

What are your favorite combos!!

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  1. Here is a recent thread on a similar topic to get you started:

    1. It's not gourmet, but my favorite sandwich that I make at home is a fried bologna & cheese with mustard.

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      1. re: Infomaniac

        OMG Fried Bologna! Gosh I miss that stuff, but this modern processed bologna doesn't work at all. (Some idiot decided to "fowl" up the bologna and then over process it on the fillers)


        1. re: RShea78

          Fried bologna with creamy cole slaw.

          The problem with bologna these days is they are generally made with added sugar (most often HFCS), so that burns black when you try to fry it. Look around for some good bologna without any type of sugar and you'll be OK, but it ain't easy to find.

          1. re: johnb

            My favorite growing up was grilled cheese and bologna, yummmm.

        2. re: Infomaniac

          Add a fried egg (over easy) to it and it's perfect. Actually, add a fried egg to any savory sandwich makes it better.

          1. re: rcheng

            oh yeah...I can't beleive I haven't tried that yet.

            1. re: Infomaniac

              I love a fried egg sandwich with the egg sunny-side up, and a hole punched through the top slice of bread to just fit the yolk. Best eaten with utensils!

            2. re: rcheng

              I'm a huge fan of the Croque Madam(ham & swiss or gruyere cheese w/ dijon)! A fried egg makes anything taste better.

          2. I make a breakfast sandwich now and then:

            A colleague of mine made some red & black raspberry jam, which I spread on the inside of slices of toast. Then I put a generous ration of scrambled egg & bacon, with some grated cheese--swiss or mozzarella or whatever I have on hand.

            For a lunch sandwich I like roast beef and provolone with horseradish.

            Don't put lettuce on my sandwich, and don't ever, ever, ever use soft, squishy store-bought white bread.

            1. Sliced apples, brie, and basel on a baguette.

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              1. re: Jennie

                what kind of apple?
                Granny Smith?

                1. re: jupiter

                  I usually use granny smith or gala.

                2. re: Jennie

                  Sliced Granny smith apples and brie. I love that combination on a turkey burger!

                3. Sourdough, provolone, basil mayo, grilled japanese eggplant, roma tomatoes...brush with olive oil, grill...try not to eat too fast!