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Jan 5, 2007 11:23 PM

Green Tea Terrace in Westwood?

I was wondering about the ambience of this place. A friend wants to meet near UCLA in the afternoon.

Are there tables or are you expected to take your tea and leave? Any snacks or just tea? And if snacks, are they decent?

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  1. If that's the place next to Native Foods, it seems to have plenty of space to sit and linger, and plenty of snacks to offer.

    Haven't tried it, but have wondered whether I should.

    Report back if you try it.

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    1. re: techbod

      The place next to Native Foods is actually Iso, a fusion asian cafe. Food is alright there..nice to have a place where I can get spicy rice cakes in WW if I get the craving.

      Green Tea Terrace is on Westwood Blvd, north of Kinross Ave. I happen to like the sweetened green tea adn the vibe is pretty chill, so you can hang out for a bit. I do know that they don't like pictures being taken in their establishment though.

    2. I haven't been in there for quite a while, but they used to have (among other things) a nice selection of ice-cream-filled mochi balls, in about 6 flavors. Anyone know if they still do?--these were quite good, better anyway than the mochi ice cream available in the Japanese grocery store freezers.

      1. "Liu" and I could go on and on, it seems. Like with most places that offer quick caffeinated breaks, you can sit, stand, or leave.

        They offer ice cream (mochi ice cream as well, I believe), crepes, probably fruit, and probably panini.

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        1. re: PseudoNerd

          Oh, I love their green tea lattes, hot or cold, with soy and no sugar! Cheers, PseudoNerd!

          For years they have been talking about expanding, but it has been a very covert operation. They will not discuss any prospects with their customers: no info on location or when. Does anyone know if they REALLY have plans?

        2. Met friends there this afternoon. Not what I expected.

          Had pot of sencha for $5.50. They don't have tea cups. My $5.50 tea was served in a wax paper cup. I guess my tea was okay, but would I actually drive into Westwood Village again, park my car and pay $5.50 to have tea in a wax paper cup? The answer is no.

          They also only have few places to sit - in the front, they have two small couches (each large enought to seat 3) and one table (could seat 5 crowded together). In the back, they have a small counter with about 3 bar stools.

          They have homemade ice cream, which my friends said was quite good, but I didn't try. They have onigiri during the week, but none on the weekends.