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Soup Peddler Austin

Just tried the creole onion soup and a quiche , both excellent. The soup really had a depth of flavor , loved it. Ordered it last week and it was delivered today. I hate to wait :(


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  1. I have long wanted to try the Soup Peddler, but have been worried that I'd be let down by the product. Sounds like you loved it, though! Is this your first Soup Peddler experience?

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      Tom in Austin, you will not be disappointed. I used to have them deliver when I lived on the east side. always good. everytime.

    2. Yes. I have a couple other things to try. They do a quiche of the week and this weeks was a poblano and jack. 9" is pretty big. Rich and tasty. Topping's flavor didn't come through too much but satisfied the craving I had for quiche. Went ahead and ordered a couple things for next week too.

      1. I've been a soupie for a number of years and you won't be disappointed. We find ourselves hoarding our favourite soups in the freezer.

        1. I was a soupie briefly about a year ago, and found the quality of product and service to be great....but I didn't think the soups were outstanding enough to continue any kind of regular delivery ... some were great, some were tepid (flavor, not temp, natch) and it is just expensive enough not to make me want to taste every one of them over the course of a year and pick my favorites. I think they give samples at the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market, and I really really dig the whole concept, so I'd love to hear more takes on what they have going on! of course, if someone reports on something great, you have to ride their web site until it makes another appearance somewhere down the line...sigh....

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            I was a soupie, a couple of years ago, some soups were right on (Minestrone) but others, (Beef Stew) were way off...
            Plus the 2 quart containers, were replaced ,by the one quart vac-pac, for about the same money, too expensive for soup, coupled with the inconsistencies of quality.
            I would prefer to stop in, and pick up a soup, instead of ordering for delivery.

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              I've been a "soupie" for about 5 years now, and I think the trick is to figure out which items are consistently good and order them when they make the menu, and try the newer creations as experimental. I agree about the diminution in serving size; that was a real pisser. But I still like Ansel's philosophy and some of the offerings are consistently delicious (e.g. Pozole Rojo).

          2. The quality really varies. I think certain types of soups just don't lend themselves to reheating as much. Anything with pasta in it ends up with mushy pasta in it. I have a feeling that a lot of the ones I think are medicore would be great fresh, becauseu the flavor is almost always good, and it's the texture that is sometimes off. Some of the ones I like most are the multi-critter gumbo and the chili. I think I was most disappointed by the matzoh ball soup, which contained rock-hard matzoh balls. But the soups are sometimes great, never terrible, and you can't beat the convenience.

            1. I do soup about once a month from them. I've had some good experiences (gumbos) and some not so good (the zimbabwean peanut stew). Definitely worth trying out. I haven't found the non-soup items as interesting though the veggie lasagna is quite good.

              1. I have to say I have been underwhelmed by the Soup Peddler. My husband loved the salmon chowder, and I enjoyed the thai curry sample I had at the Farmer's Market, but I just wasn't wowed. My friends and I went in on a tres leches cake from SP and it was kind of gross. Too dense, too dry, and simply not approaching the glory that a well-made tres leches cake should be.

                That said, I'm eager to try the migas quiche and the multi-critter gumbo. Too bad they don't deliver to my ZIP.

                1. Thanks for posting this - it reminded me to look into these guys. They're finally delivering to my neighborhood (they weren't last time I looked), so I'm going to give them a try - Green Chili Stew and the Zuppa di Fagioli. I'll post back next week once I've had a chance to taste their wares.

                  1. I think of it as a cheap semi-"night out" since I don't have to cook and it's not typical take out fare. My favorite is the minestrone.

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                      I order every other week or so from them. The salmon chowder has been my favorite so far. I agree with most of what people have said above, sometimes great, usually decent, never bad.

                    2. I've ordered from the Soup Peddler about 15 times. I've had some things that knocked my socks off (their veggie chili is to die for!) and others I've actually thrown away (their couscous salad was tasteless). I LOVED their red beans & rice the first time I had it, and spent 15 minutes throwing every seasoning I could think of in it the next, so they have some consistency issues. I'd recommend trying a few things and keep track of what you like/don't like. There were a few seafood soups I'd never order again and one I really liked, and now I can't remember which one it was.

                      I wouldn't recommend the peanut stew (I make one with a lot more flavor) or the artichoke spinach bisque (definitely not worth the calories). But he has some gems (veggie chili, lentil stew) and he definitely uses fresh ingredients. I agree with the previous poster that it helps to try the samples at the farmer's market to see what you like.

                      1. I've been a Soupie for a couple of years now and I love it. I order a few times a month, depending on what's available. There are many months where I order every single week. I definitely have favorite soups, and others which are not so much, but by and large I find the quality and taste to be excellent. I do do a bit of supplementing to some of the soups I get - e.g. I drop in some uncured smoked sausage into the SP lentil soup, or I add some rice noodles, tofu and chicken to the SP Thai curry soup - and it usually ends up making a great and quick meal. I'm surprised people have been panning the Zimbabwe peanut soup. I like it a lot, although I have to admit that if you are not a fan of sweet potatoes, it's probably not going to appeal to you. I think I saw another post from someone who freezes his/her favorites from time to time - I definitely do that too. You never know when the Cedar Key chowder will come around again! I have ordered some of their non-soup items, and so far so good. If you can get a better oatmeal cookie in Austin, I haven't seen it. Chewy, no raisins, and just a tiny sprinkle of salt on top. Heaven. My only complaint about the food items is that many are heavy on cream, butter and cheese - I just stay away from those. Overall, I really don't find SP prices that expensive when you factor in delivery to your door. And ordering from SP really helps me up my veggie intake, something which is tough to do when you work full time and have little kids too. Who has time to dice up four different veggies every day? It's really easy to order from the website - the hard part is waiting over a week for the soups to arrive.

                        I definitely recommend SP not only for the food, but for the founder's dedication to community service, and also because I just make it a point to patronize local businesses when I can. If I can get great soup too, well, that's just a plus.

                        1. I said I'd report back once I had some of their soup. My wife and I received the Green Chili Stew and the Zuppa di Fagioli on Wednesday (what a cold day to be delivering). Last night we tried the Green Chili Stew.

                          This is a pork shoulder based soup in chicken broth, with the usual stew accompaniments - potatoes, celery, carrots, onions. While I didn't see any chilis, the soup definitely had a spicy kick, so they're in there somewhere. The flavor was good. The vegetables had been cooked correctly, they weren’t mushy – something I thought might be the case. I liked the spicy broth with the combination of chicken and pork flavor. My one complaint would be with the pork shoulder itself. Pork shoulder is a fatty cut of meat, and it was pretty obvious they hadn’t done much in the way of trimming the fat from the meat. Many of the pieces of meat had a lot of fat and gristle still attached.

                          The price was $11 for a package that contained a moderate amount of soup. It’s not enough for dinner for two people – rather two lunch size portions (and my wife and I are not large people). I had made some cornbread to eat along with the soup, without that we would have still been hungry.

                          For $11, it’s a decent value, especially considering it’s delivered right to your door. Plus, we had dinner ready in 30 minutes (and most of that was waiting for the cornbread to bake), so the convenience is great. It was tasty enough that I will probably try a few more items from the Peddler, but the fatty pork will keep me from ordering this particular soup again. I’ll write another post once I’ve tried the Zuppa di Fagioli.

                          Ken W

                          1. Back to report on the Zuppa di Fagioli we got from the Soup Peddler. While I thought the Green Chilil Stew was good, the Zuppa was great. It had plenty of thick chunks of salami, cannelloni beans, carrots, onions, etc. The flavor was very good, a touch too much garlic perhaps, but that's just being picky. I had bought a loaf of Italian bread to go along with it, and the two made a very satisfying hearty meal. This one also costs $11, but, probably because of the ingredients, was perfectly fine as a dinner portion. I would recommend this soup for future peddlers.

                            1. The veggie chili is on the menu this week, which is one of my favorites. 'd be curious to hear what you meat eaters think of it! As I said in my previous post, he has some hits, some misses. I have to say, I avoid the ones that are cream-based, and although I don't eat meat I order for my non-picky boyfriend sometimes and he feels the same (hits & misses). David is very involved in the community-he always gives part of his profits to charity & that's worthy of respect.

                              In response to one of the previous posts about the peanut stew, I love sweet potatoes (except when people add sugar & marshmallows to them) but was really disappointed in the stew. I make a version that's heavy on onion, ginger, garlic, cumin, and jalapeno with a little bit of cinnamon, and it's got a lot more flavor! Maybe I just like that style better.

                              1. Thought I'd add another thumbs up for the Soup Peddler. Last week tried the Clam Chowder and Sopa de Albondigas. Both were really good. I have no problem giving these guys a recommendation now.

                                1. Had the migas quiche tonight -- it was pretty good! It had big chunks of red and green bell pepper, and it was pretty dense, so a little slice went a long way. I couldn't really taste the pepper jack cheese, but that's okay. It was pretty much like migas in a quiche, so however you feel about migas is probably how you'd feel about this quiche. I'd say it was a very good value for the $$, and my husband LOVED the crust (he rhapsodized about how if my quiches had crust like that, he'd ask for them every day).

                                  1. we also get soup peddler about once a week. it really helps us eat better when we're too busy to cook for ourselves. our absolute favorite non-soup dish is the squash stuffed pok chops. somehow they manage to keep the pork very tender, and the sweetness of the squach (there might be apple, too) just goes perfect with the pork flavor. one word of caution, the chops do still have a layer of fat on them--part of the lovely flavor in my opinion but maybe not what others might want.

                                    1. We've been ordering from here for about 2 months.

                                      We are really impressed with all of their Thai soups - great spice and textures. Well worth the price. The Ajiaco was also excellent.

                                      The least impressive thing we had was the Kakosoupa (Iceland) - it was sort of like hot chocolate, and we just didn't see it as a real soup.

                                      The quiches are high quality and tasty. Their eggplant parm was also very good.

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                                        Soup Peddler mentioned Chowhound in it's latest ordering email. Didn't seem too happy with the level of enthusiasm here. The chicken and Stars (available next week) was a simple chicken soup with an excellent broth. I'd venture to say that anything they do with a chicken broth is going to be excellent. The masaman curry was very good. Lots of good flavors, a decent serving of pot roast like beef, definitely worth reordering. Like a fairly mediocre (way too mild and uncomplicated, very disappointing for Austin) chicken mole they sold it will end up getting me in the kitchen to explore the flavors and that's worth alot. I'm saving the best for last. The King Ranch chicken was absolutely to die for. A pretty standard dish that often gets all messed up. Soup peddler had managed to get the chicken and the chips just right (sometimes the chips dissolve into mush) added lots of cheese and worked plenty of veggies into the mix. I'm going to order 6 of the little caseroles next time they offer it. And the macroons were about the best thing we ever ate. I shared them with my friends at the office and everyone agreed. Kind of deep dish in an foil pan like the caseroles and creamy , sort of eggy in texture and just the strongest coconut taste. A little blob of good dark chocolate -- just unbelievable. Six huge things for 12 or 14 or 15 bucks and just priceless. I'm real happy that I discovered the Soup Peddler.

                                      2. Our family enjoys the Soup Peddler, my kids love the Chicken Parmigiana and I find it rare to not enjoy the soups. The Macaroons are unbelieveable.

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                                          Just got the order form for the week of 4 1. Both the King Ranch casserole and the Macaroons are on it. They are 8.00 for 6 desert size pieces A real interesting looking carrot szechuan soup too. souppeddler.com

                                        2. This week's Quiche was the best one I've tried from Soup Peddler so far: Leek Swiss Chard (swiss chard, leeks, goat cheese, coriander, lemon juice, bread crumbs,etc.)

                                          It was both delicious as well as an interesting new quiche flavor combination for me. Soup Peddler's quiche crusts have a better flavor and texture than any pie crusts I've bought also.

                                          Next week is asparagus-feta. I'm not crazy about feta, so I'm not sure if I'll like it, but I know I'll enjoy the crust :-).

                                          People who work there are extremely nice. I take care of an elderly relative who doesn't put food away in the fridge anymore, and the really nice Soup Peddler woman worked out a way to make it less likely that my order would get waylayed and ruined by my well-meaning but not-all-there relative when I'm on a trip.

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                                            I'm personally a fan of the migas quiche that Ansel does. The asparagus is pretty good, but it doesn't really work for breakfast. The migas version works for any meal.

                                          2. I just tried a "bowl" of soup from the South Lamar location and I can't say I thought much of it. It was Russian cabbage soup with a watery broth, a few slivers of cabbage and some carrot chunks. It came in a maybe 10 ounce cup and cost $6. A slice of baguette or even some crackers may have made be feel that it was worth it, but no, nothing. A paper cup of soup and a plastic spoon.
                                            I'd try them again because I like soup but definitely a different flavor.

                                            I did not know about the delivery option but I get that's where the name comes from.

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                                              I think their seafood soups and potato leek soup are the only ones I thought were good.

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                                                They just put a sign up for a new location in Austinville, the place next to iFly.

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                                                  i saw that a few months ago but didn't know what the ETA was.