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Jan 5, 2007 11:16 PM

Soup Peddler Austin

Just tried the creole onion soup and a quiche , both excellent. The soup really had a depth of flavor , loved it. Ordered it last week and it was delivered today. I hate to wait :(

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  1. I have long wanted to try the Soup Peddler, but have been worried that I'd be let down by the product. Sounds like you loved it, though! Is this your first Soup Peddler experience?

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    1. re: tom in austin

      Tom in Austin, you will not be disappointed. I used to have them deliver when I lived on the east side. always good. everytime.

    2. Yes. I have a couple other things to try. They do a quiche of the week and this weeks was a poblano and jack. 9" is pretty big. Rich and tasty. Topping's flavor didn't come through too much but satisfied the craving I had for quiche. Went ahead and ordered a couple things for next week too.

      1. I've been a soupie for a number of years and you won't be disappointed. We find ourselves hoarding our favourite soups in the freezer.

        1. I was a soupie briefly about a year ago, and found the quality of product and service to be great....but I didn't think the soups were outstanding enough to continue any kind of regular delivery ... some were great, some were tepid (flavor, not temp, natch) and it is just expensive enough not to make me want to taste every one of them over the course of a year and pick my favorites. I think they give samples at the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market, and I really really dig the whole concept, so I'd love to hear more takes on what they have going on! of course, if someone reports on something great, you have to ride their web site until it makes another appearance somewhere down the line...sigh....

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          1. re: saticoy

            I was a soupie, a couple of years ago, some soups were right on (Minestrone) but others, (Beef Stew) were way off...
            Plus the 2 quart containers, were replaced ,by the one quart vac-pac, for about the same money, too expensive for soup, coupled with the inconsistencies of quality.
            I would prefer to stop in, and pick up a soup, instead of ordering for delivery.

            1. re: mevans4aus

              I've been a "soupie" for about 5 years now, and I think the trick is to figure out which items are consistently good and order them when they make the menu, and try the newer creations as experimental. I agree about the diminution in serving size; that was a real pisser. But I still like Ansel's philosophy and some of the offerings are consistently delicious (e.g. Pozole Rojo).

          2. The quality really varies. I think certain types of soups just don't lend themselves to reheating as much. Anything with pasta in it ends up with mushy pasta in it. I have a feeling that a lot of the ones I think are medicore would be great fresh, becauseu the flavor is almost always good, and it's the texture that is sometimes off. Some of the ones I like most are the multi-critter gumbo and the chili. I think I was most disappointed by the matzoh ball soup, which contained rock-hard matzoh balls. But the soups are sometimes great, never terrible, and you can't beat the convenience.