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Jan 5, 2007 11:00 PM

Great taco's in Cabo San Lucas

We were trying to go to Pepe's because we read that they had great El Pastor tacos. They were closed till 6:30 so we asked a local who suggested the Taqueria "El Palacio del Taco". What a find! This place has the best taco's el pastor I have ever had. Great homemade salsa's, fresh tortilla's to die for. My husband loved the Torta's. They also had Queso Fundido with Chorizo served in a little pot with fresh homemade tortilla's -- great! The people are lovely and it is really inexpensive! Located near the Marina mall at 16 Sep Av. Morelos Y leona Vicario Col. Centro, in Cabo San Lucas. This place is not fancy and they do not serve alcohol. Very clean and kid friendly.

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  1. Sounds like a million places all over Mexico. A couple of years back I went to D.F. on a business trip with some gringo co-workers. I purposely started them on a merely good taco chain... where they claimed... these are the best Al Pastor I've ever head... with each subsequent place I took them to... I heard the same thing.

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      Go to Taco's Rossey in San Jose...locals place, amazing, I stillhave the menu in my wallet after 3 yrs

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        Taquerias are a like a logrithmic function.... the very best approach a certain finite limit they cannot surpass. I have eaten at many Taquerias so good, you could say there is nothing better than this place (and doesn't mean this place is better than all the rest... just that there is nothing better).

        I would be really suprised if I was ever really positively impacted by another taqueria again. I may like it... but nothing is going to blow my mind... based on the places I have already been exposed to.