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Jan 5, 2007 10:48 PM

Don Day Korean Restaurant in Oakland?

I saw an ad in the Korean paper for a new place called Don Day Restaurant on 346 14st. Oakland.

It looks to be a pork specialty place with not only Korean Bacon, but it has black pig, wine pork, bean curd pork, and spicy steamed beef ribs.

Anyone been?

I plan on going real soon to check it out.

crimson out.

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  1. That's right on the corner of Webster and 14th, right? Used to be Do Ha Na?

    That's too bad. Do Ha Na had horribly tiny portions and cost more than a lot of places, but their panchan (although scant) was the best of the downtown area. Maybe the new place is better, though.

    1. My meat-eating friends say it's fantastic, and it always smells wonderful when I walk past. Very cute interior, too (mod/minimalist cows and pigs, with a cutsey cartoon twist). Sadly, as a vegetarian, there's only one thing on the menu that I can eat (a tofu soup with a miso broth), and I wasn't in a soup mood the last time I was in the neighborhood.

      Apparently, it's supposed to be a good place to order beers and order all sorts of meat snack-type items,

      1. The name couldn't be cuter, it turns out.
        'Don' means pork as a Chinese character,
        'Donday', in pure Korean, is a folksy way of saying "You/we are going nuts."
        So it could mean,

        'Pork Day'
        'We're nuts'
        'Don' also means money, and we can remember it as 'Don's Day' or 'Donde'

        Love that logo.