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Jan 5, 2007 10:28 PM

Acadian, Cajun and French-Canadian recipes

Someone mentioned cretons (pork pate) which I had not heard of before.

While looking for information I came across this site which has lots of Acadian, Cajun and French-Canadian recipes, many family recipes, some with a little history behind them.

So if you are interested in ploughes (buckwheat griddle cakes with no egg or milk), pot-en-pot (mega meat pie), poutine avec sauce noir (potato dumplings, not fries), tourtiere (meat or salmon pies), cush-cush (cornmeal mush), tarte au sucre (brown sugar pie) or lots more, this seems like a great place to look.

Like I needed to know there was such a thing as pork fat and molasses pie.

Interesting potato chowder recipe using red, gold, blue and sweet potatoes. Do ask what it is if someone offers a plate of mock oysters (calf brains cut into oyster-sized pieces).

Kind of interesting about those poutine potato dumplings. Maybe that was the origin of the better known version with fries ... someone just switched out the dumplings with fries and added gravy instead of sauce noir.

Interesting article about Acadian food in Maine

It mentions the local version of beignets ...

"Beignets are made from pieces of fruit (usually apples) cooked in a sweetened batter. While beignets are normally fried in deep fat, the local version is cooked in maple syrup"


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  1. For Christmasa Eve I make Tourtiere. Lard crust, pork filling. A slice topped with gravy is heaven on a plate. Very Quebec Christmas Eve tradition.

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      You should try tourtière with chow-chow. Definitely traditional.

    2. Ah, tarte au sucre...and who knew that what my daughter always insisted I make for her when she was little is called pets de soeur? What a great find! Though I don't think I'll be cooking beignets in maple syrup any time soon...

      1. Wait til you try grandperes which are dough dumplings cooked in boiling maple syrup.

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        1. re: librarian

          Grandperes sound great. Do you have a recipe you can share?

          1. re: tomself

            Grandma is coming over tonight and I'll try to get her recipe (give me a day or two to translate it).

            1. re: librarian

              Thanks. My grandparents were French Canadian (Quebec), but passed on when I was very young. My father has passed on as well, so this would be a nice connection.

              1. re: tomself

                Try this recipe site for Quebec recipes (in French):
                They have a grand-pères à l'érable recipe, which is here:
                You could always come and visit us in Quebec for some great food! :)

        2. Tortiere is one of the greatest inventions ever! Supremely delicious! I make mine with Pork, Veal and Beef. Not really traditional, but I love the different levels of meatiness. I try and use veal stock, but often (90% of the time) settle for store bought beef stock when making the filling. Anyway, I know people often make the filling with maple syrup as well, but...