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Jan 5, 2007 10:01 PM

Costco vanilla refrigerated soy milk: Kirkland = Silk?

Anyone know whether the new Kirkland refrigerated soy milk at Costco is made by Silk? We used to get the pack of 3 half-gallons of Silk Vanilla soymilk. Lately noticed that it disappeared, but in its place is a new Kirkland version. Tastes the same. I know that the Kirkland in the aseptic boxes is made by Silk... how about this one?

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  1. I think you're on to something! I love Silk and would buy it as Kirkland if it's cheaper.

    Do a search/find and it'll talk about Kirkland signature/Silk.

    1. Kirkland refrigerated soy milk at Costco is NOT made by Silk now (maybe was before). This website may help you
      in terms of organic and non-genetically engineered interests.
      By the way, I hate this website requiring to login to post.

      1. I noticed the same thing. I also noticed the similarity in tastes. I'm betting it is Silk.

        1. The Kirkland brand is sweeter, thinner, and separates when put in tea, the Silk was good in tea. We no longer buy this brand, it is not nearly as good as the Silk. The Silk had the consistency of regular milk, the Kirkland brand is like 1% milk. If it is made by Silk I can easily see why they do not put their name on it. This is the first Kirkland brand item I am very dissapointed in, in a month it did not improve.

          1. To my fellow soy drinkers,
            Being that my sons and myself are soy drinkers due to raging milk intolerance; I can confirm with 100% confidence that Silk doesn't make the Costco soy milk . I called them and received an email confirming that though they cannot tell who for proprietary reasons the following is true about their product.

            1- The soy beans are from USA
            2- They use a natural process to make the milk.
            3- Silk doesn't manufacture this product
            4- All ingredients are not imported

            Now with number 4 I have to admit for those who like the vanilla soy I did ask the origin of the vanilla pods. I am still waiting on the email response for that one.

            If you would like to confirm what I have posted please feel free! You can call the General Customer Service and that number is posted under contact us at as well as on the back of the Costco card if you have one.