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All u can eat sushi Long Island

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Does anyone know of an all u can eat sushi on long island?

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  1. There are two that I know of: Sushi Park, in E.Northport or Commack, on Jericho Tpk is the better of the two because the rice for the sushi was fresh whereas the one in Carle Place, in thr EMS shopping center on Glen Cove Road, the rice was dried out indicating a staler offering.

    1. Incidentally, the one in Carle Place is named Minado or something similar. another hound can fill in.

      1. Thanks I have been to both and they are both hit or miss.

        1. I personally think you're insane to consume all you can eat sushi! Are You NUTS! How do you think they cut costs and provide raw fish at that price point--maybe the fish isn't sushi grade, maybe it's not-so-fresh, maybe it's been doctored with wasabi, etc., so you can't tell that it's old. Do your colon a favor and don't buy discount sushi--it's suicide. Also, any food that advertized by quantity over quality is doomed.

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            I agree. As a foodservice professional I can tell you all u can eat sushi is kamikaze.

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              Absolutely concur: don't eat all-you-can-eat sushi. Minado isn't bad (I've been there), but stick with the non-sushi stuff. By the way, nothing you find there will be as good as you can get at a good, regular, sit-down place, Japanese or Chinese. But, if you're fascinated with the idea of buffet, the great American expression of "largesse," then go for it. And, if you do sneak in a piece or two of sushi at Minado, make it a California roll and stay away from the raw stuff. Sushi grade cannot be had for that kind of bargain. ON ANOTHER NOTE: Best sushi I've found anywhere on Long Island, both from the standpoint of quality AND inventiveness: Hinata on Bond Street in Great Neck. I've never seen anything quite like it!!! Try the Flight Roll (amazing taste and consistency) and definitely have a Sake Martini or 2...take your time eating because you won't be able to drive if you jump up after 2 of them hahahaha.

            2. Minado's in Carle Place is not just "all you can eat" sushi, they have a huge section of hot foods too. It may not be the same quality you get in a "regular" restaurant, but it is good and and it is fresh. My family has been there a few times and we can satisfy everyone's needs. My husband doesn't eat sushi but my son and I do. There is a big variety and it's lots of fun.

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                I agree. I go to Minado, but usually get the hot dishes (which include lobster tails on weekend nights). The sushi is of poor quality, but most likely will not make you sick. It also won't make your mouth water. So I highly recommend Minado if you are not a sushi snob (in other words, you eat sushi because it's "fun"). The little Asian tea cakes in the dessert area are absolutely delicious.

              2. I used to have exactly the same thoughts as nrxchef, until I ate at a place in Florida that my parents insisted we go to. I was pleasantly surprised, and someone staying at the same complex (it's hard not to meet New Yorkers visiting their parents in Southern Florida) recommended Minado. I've eatent there a few times and found it to be quite good, far superior to the other all-you-can-eat offerings around. I'm not sure why the sushi isn't horrible, but perhaps it's because it's fairly expensive (I think the high $20's for dinner) and the sushi is only a small part of what they offer. There are lots of salads and hot item, soups, etc. that may keep costs down and fill you up. Also, most of the sushi is in rolls, and the selection varies, so perhaps they limit the more expensive selections. At any rate, I've found it to be very good for what it is, and certainly worth a try.

                1. My friends had the rehearsal dinner for their wedding at Minado and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Many people ate sushi, including my husband, and I didn't hear about any problems related to it.

                  1. Yummy Yummy restaurant in Long Beach offer an all u can eat sushi for around 21 dollars. It's a bargain. It's fresh, delicious, restaurant grade sushi, not the inferior quality they serve at the buffet all you can eat restaurants. They had to buy out the store next to them to accommodate their growing business. I've eaten very often at Yummy Yummy and have never been dissapointed. Judge it for yourself. Only way to know is to experience it for yourself.

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                      Yummy Yummy 2 came to Merrick and moved into the spot which IMO had one of the most authentic Shanghai rest. on the Island. It was called Shanghai Moon. It was like eating at Joe's Shanghai and you didn't have to go to Flushing or Chinatown. I quess options like crab or pork soup dumplings, braised pork shoulder or fish head casserole was a little to exotic for most people. What a pity. In it's place we can have all the uninspired sushi or run of the mill Americanized Chinese food we can get. OK maybe it's me but I feel for the most part the L.I. dining scene for ethnic food is really hard to come by. It's a pity.

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                        I agree with you 100%. About 10 days ago I posted on this board about a new .beautiful , authentic, Shanghai restaurant in Bethpage. Guess how much interest was shown. ONE (1) reply. I guess Long Islanders are happy with their combination plates and Shrimp w/ Lobster sauce so I am sure there are plenty of places for that market to be served .

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                        I am sorry -- Yummy Yummy is nasty. It is really not that great. The place right across the street from Yummy Yummy -- it is in that white building (starts with an H) is very inexpensive and is so much better than Yummy Yummy

                      3. I agree with the "Are you Nuts?" concept but it appears from other posters that "all you can eat sushi" is really all you can eat rolls. If they are serving rolls, and you figure a roll is $5-7 (no big fancies allowed) then for the $25-30 all you can eat, you are looking at 5 rolls at 6 pieces per roll or 30 pieces. Thats a lot. If you figure kids as well, they are probably better off ordering a la carte.

                        We have a tapas bar in the 'hood where you can order 6-plates for $60. Waiter told me to order a la carte to save money, which he was right.

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                          Where is this tapas bar? I had some great tapas in the city and would love to find some out here!

                        2. i've been to Minando twice and Sushi park twice. I have to say i like sushi park a lot better. At both places i think the hot food was awful. The sushi really isn't bad at all at sushi park. When eating sashimi u can tell its not as quality as a really good sushi place, but at sushi park they have lots of the fancier rolls that might go for 8-$13 at most sushi places and are they fantastic, no, but they are good, especially considering the price.