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Jan 5, 2007 09:34 PM

Austin, Texas, has its own board now?

I'm an active contributor on the Texas board, but I am flabbergasted to see that Austin suddenly—in the last hour—got its own board. As Scagnetti once said, if the entire Texas board were a horse, we would have shot it a long time ago.

Texas was the only state in the Southwest that had its own board. Now Austin, of all places, is the only city? Is the Texas board going to fragment further? Or were other Texans and visitors just sick of hearing the same old things about Austin?

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  1. I just noticed. And, I agree. Is there going to be more regional fragmentation?

    As far as the Southwest board is concerned, Las Vegas and the Phoenix area (or, Arizona?) in particular then might also deserve their own sub-boards as well. Especially considering threads bearing restaurants and topics from those cities are just as frequent, if not more in most cases.

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    1. re: Grey

      Let me add to the chorus...Las Vegas needs its own board!

    2. We very badly need to make geographical fixes all around. It's the thing I've long been most ashamed of about the site - one board for the Midwest? Or for the South? Yikes!

      We recognize (oh, do we recognize) the gaps and shortfalls. The new Austin board is just a start. Give us time and have patience; we're making everything better! :)


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      1. re: Jim Leff

        Three cheers to you! This site is awesome, and I applaud your efforts.

        P.S. Is this a Ruby on Rails site?

        1. re: tom in austin

          Ruby, yup. I think it's the first...and likely still the only...such message board software out there.