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The new Far East cafe? in J Town

I don't know if it's even called "Far East" anymore. Has anyone been? And how is the food?

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  1. Chop Suey Cafe.
    Haven't heard many fantastic reviews. Their patio bar is pretty nice though.


    1. Food there is horrible. Been there several times w/ friends who like to drink and hang out at the bar in the back. Given up on eating there. I'd rather go to the daikuoya or koraku to eat.

      1. Yeah I Agree Food is TERRIBLE! only the old style almond duck is like far east. Their chop suey and chow mein were exactly the same. Just stir fried vegetables with a little soy sauce thrown on....... the only places I've found that have the OLD SCHOOL Cantonese is Pauls Kitchen on San Pedro and Kims on Crenshaw blvd.... I don't care much for the new style chinese food with xo sauce.......

        1. Food is AWFUL. Didn't care for anything they had. For old school Chinese food, head for New Formosa Cafe near Cesar Chavez and Soto in Boyle Heights. Just like the old Far East.

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            Owner of New Formosa Cafe (nothing new about the place) Dewey is the son of the original founder of the Far East Cafe and used to cook there. Call first to check their hours-they're only open Tues-Sat for lunch and Saturday for lunch until 7pm.
            Ask for the Far East Cafe menu--they have a menu for the local Mexican neighborhood too. They wouldn't give their original Far East Cafe recipes or name to the new owners of the Chop Suey Cafe.

            The Formosa Cafe on Santa Monica Blvd. in W. Hollywood is also related-prices are a little higher than at the New Formosa Cafe.

            Formosa Cafe 7156 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, 90046 - (323) 850-9050
            New Formosa Cafe 2415 E Cesar E Chavez Ave, Los Angeles, 90033 -(323) 262-2936

          2. Numerous posts pretty much all say the same thing.


            1. I used to eat there before they closed. It was great food, old Cantonese style. The new food really sucks the big one and that includes the almond duck.

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                My apologies to the typical chowhounder -- (Locals with get it.)
                Okay here goes. A little history. The Far East Cafe is a historical and very personal institution to the Japanese-American community as well as many in the Chicano community. It is the only institution that I proudly claim as a ELA/Boyle Heights kid. For me the Far East Cafe is J-Town. What Manuel's is to E.L.A. What Pink's means to many westsiders. Imagine Manuel's or Pink's changing owners and menus. Impossible you say, well they did it to my beloved Far East!
                This past summer my friends and I ate at the new Far East (Chop Suey Cafe). We met one of the two new owners a Sansei or Yonsei cat from the bay area I think. A really gracious guy who took us around the entire restaurant and he could not have been any nicer. The aged looking booths and the upstairs dining tables greeted me like an old friend. Nice. In the rear of the cafe you will find a cozy but chic bar area and they have converted the grimy outdoor alleyway into a cozy patio. The food however was a disaster. The Chinese food is on par with the Pomona Fair. Where is the mustard jar for crying out loud. The original Far East is DEAD and part of me died too.

              2. I ate at the old Far East Cafe most of my life. I was so upset when it was closed up... Then it reopened and I was MORE UPSET. The food is a travesty, the owner is rude and condescending, and the sake I ordered, the old staple Otokoyama, wasn't Otokoyama at all, but some crap from a cardboard box or a plastic cube. The desserts are even worse. What a disaster.

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                  go to new fomosa cafe in boyle heights for original far east cafe menu. you have to ask for the original far east cafe menu
                  went there last week and their chow mien and hom yu was what i remember from years ago!