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Jan 5, 2007 09:05 PM

The Keg - I know, I know - not my fault:Gift Certificate & Kids

we received a gift certificate to the keg. we thought we would take the so's offspring (girl 10 boy 7) for a 'big' saturday night out......their version of fine dining is cheesecake factory & fran's near the eaton center so the keg should feel like splendido to them.
given that, which keg do you think would be the most interesting atmosphere?
i was thinking either the keg mansion on jarvis or the keg on york (maybe then i can drown myself in maritinis before i actually have to eat the food).
it seems that jarvis doesn't take sat. night reservations but york does (do i really need them?).
opinions greatly appreciated.
thanks for you help!

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  1. Keg is surprisingly busy and each is surprisigly different... York is very corporate and modern in a woody kinda way.. Reservations are a must during the week after work or lunch because it is a corporate hangout...

    Mansion is Old School feel which I think the kids will like better and with the multiple rooms and big spiral staircase you feel like you are dining in a mansion. Be careful parking there though... have heard stories that it is a favorite spot for smash and grbs from the local crack heads... look for the shattered window glass in the parking lot.

    There is also the Keg beside Jamie Kennedys which is a bit smaller and maybe easier to get into.

    1. I quite like the beefeater martinis at the Keg (I get them with 3 or 4 olives, they're the big ones)as an app

      I agree the kids'll probably like The Mansion better. But the York St one would feel more 'grownup'.

      Do you really hate the food at the Keg? I haven't eaten many dishes there but I do like the prime rib -- it's one of the better restaurant PRs in the city imho.

      1. I really recommend the mansion, and definetly get the prime rib. Ive eaten alot of prime rib and this is surprisingly some of the best Ive had.

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          I second the Mansion, if you want to impress the kids ask your server to tell them some ghost stories (the mansion is haunted!!).
          If you go early on a Saturday you may not need reservations but if you go later be prepared to wait.

        2. My wife and I are also often blessed/cursed with certificates to the Keg. We usually frequent the Church location near JKWB. My recommendation is to spend as much as you can on alcoholic beverages and the actual steak. Don't count on the sides to be more than edible, and avoid like the plague most of the appetizers and any dishes that are not strictly steakhouse specialties. In a fit of insanity we once braved an appetizer called "tempura snap peas and asparagus" and it was very, very bad, sopping with fryer grease and acrid tasting.

          However, in years past I've always found the Keg Mansion to be somewhat superior to the other locations, in terms of decor, food, and service.

          1. another Keg tip . . .

            the one on Church will substitute all the sides (the onions & potatoes) for asparagus at no extra charge.