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Jan 5, 2007 09:00 PM

Suddenly craving bratwurst...

I don't know - could be the Rachel Ray episode I just flipped past or maybe it's the pregnancy but I suddenly had a craving for bratwurst for dinner. Only thing is we feel like going out. Anywhere where I can go for some good bratwurst, pumpernickel, mustard and other delicacies? Prefer midtown/downtown but I could head towards Roncesvalles if that's best. Thanks.

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  1. I have nothing useful to say other than that I'll be watching this one with interest. I'm a nut for good bratwurst but haven't seen anything special in Toronto ...

    1. Trust your old Kagemusha, Pate, and make a trip to Brandt Meats lunch counter in Mississauga. Superb wurst that travels about 100ft from the factory to the counter--my working definition of "fresh." Great German sides and other goodies. Admittedly, it's "HDL hell" but life's short and once in awhile probably isn't fatal. South on Wharton Way off Dundas W. Open Wed-Sat only. Saturday is fun just to soak in the gestalt of the place.Thank me later.

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        Thanks Kagemusha - I've read other posts on Brandt Meats and it does sound good. I will definitely check it out. But how to satisfy my cravings tonight?????

      2. For dining out, you could try Amadeus on Richmond, just across from the Sheraton. They have bratwurst, as well as weisswurst and several other types of sausage on the menu. I ate in their bierstube in December, and found the food to be quite authentic.Haven't eaten in their Viennese dining room yet. Under the late night selection on the menu link, they have a mixed sausage platter. I also remember seeing some other menu choices involving sausage that are not on the online menu.
        Here is a link to their menu:

        This is further north than midtown, and I'm not sure of their hours, but Leslie's Deli, formerly known as Kellen's, north of York Mills on Leslie might be a good bet if you want to buy good bratwurst. Here's a link to an earlier discussion.

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          We did end up trying Amadeus. We sat on the more casual, bierstube side. Service was friendly but spotty, starting from when we walked in and had to walk around the large (and 3/4 empty space) to find someone to seat us.

          Anyway, once seated, we perused the menu - lots of sausages, potato dishes, schnitzel, etc. We shared the bratwurst and the weissewurst. Pleased to report that the bratwurst was great - 2 grilled sausages served with caramelized onions, chunky mashed potatoes, fried onion bits and some dijon-ish mustard. These totally satisfied my cravings. The weissewurst was just okay - I didn't enjoy the texture as much or the cold potato salad that went with it but the Bavarian pretzel was great. Not surprisingly, there's a large beer selection and hubby really enjoyed one, the name of which totally escapes me now.

          Speaking of hubby, I must give special recognition to him and to all the men who graciously indulge their partner's random pregnancy cravings. Having not eaten a bratwurst since I was last in Germany about 4 years ago, I'm sure he was a bit surprised when I welcomed him home, in the rain, after a long day at work with a proclamation that I really needed to eat some bratwurst. Sweetly smiling, he simply said "Sure, where should we go".

          1. re: peppermint pate

            was going to suggest amadeus but seeing as all i had was a beer and pretzel, wasn't sure if it was the right place. kind of glad you ended up there so i could read a report ;) tad selfish.

            the beer list is pretty good, it doesn't only include germans and has a nice small selection of belgiums and a few others. the pretzel was tasty for me too. we got it free from the bar... a touch stale since the place was so empty but very nice doughy-ness with loads of butter flavour and large tasty salt crystals.

        2. I really enjoy the bratwurst at White House Meats. Definitely worth the trip. Unfortunately, you need to cook it at home. Leslie's Meats must have a great bratwurst, but I haven't tried it. German mustard can be purchased at Leslie's also; Tahsin Market also stocks a small selection of German mustards in tubes. Thanks for the report about Amadeus.

          1. About Weisswurst: From what I know this is a breakfast sausage and, in Munich, is never to be consumed (nor is it for sale) after 11:00 am. Original Weisswurst contains brain and as far as I know is hard to preserve, thus the extremely short shelve life.

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            1. re: andreas

              Interesting - I have fond memories of going to the viktualienmarkt in Munich one rainy morning and having a weisswurst for breakfast. I don't think there was anything wrong with the one at Amadeus but we mostly didn't enjoy the texture as much and the flavour was just so-so.

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                Funny you mention that. I had a discussion about the same topic with a fellow diner at Amadeus who happened to be from Bavaria- I had mentioned I was surprised to see a late morning snack on the dinner menu. He didn't seem to think it was that much of a faux-pas.
                Not wanting to nitpick, but weisswurst is usually made of veal, not brain.