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Jan 5, 2007 08:17 PM

tangra this weekend

any must haves?
going to definitely try the lollipop chicken. but can you think of any other starters or entrees that are really good?'s dessert?

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  1. I also love the shrimp balls--crispy fried outside but not at all greasy and big, fresh chunks of pure shrimp inside (no filler breading).

    If you like it spicy, be sure and tell them. Their dry curries are really tempting. I had the dry chili paneer and it was delicious over rice, dry though it was--the oil and curry makes just enough of a "gravy" to cover the rice.

    1. Do they serve wine/booze, or is it byo?

      I'm thinking of going tonight.

      Any other recommendations?

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        I saw your post too late, Marc. However, I'd love reports from both you and Ceeceee--I know the Sunnyside location doesn't get raves on this board, but I rather enjoyed the food.