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Jan 5, 2007 08:06 PM

Sushi on Saturday and cheap in Twin Cities?

This has probably been discussed to death and lord knows there are only a few options anyway. If you were going out in the Twin Cities on a Saturday night, probably around 9, for sushi and cost was a consideration...but also quality!!...where would you head?

I'd been a slave to Midori's, but it's sadly on downhill alert with me now.

Jean m. T.

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  1. i doubt there is such a thing as inexpensive sushi outside of japan. cheap and quality sushi are big contradictions. maybe as close as you'll come: takeout sushi counters at byerlys.

    1. Origami -- open to 10:30 on Saturday. If you steer clear of the more entertaining rolls (tempura shrimp wrapped in crabmeat and the like), most rolls and nigiri are between $3 and $7, with a pretty good range of choices between $4 and 6.

      Ba Gu Sushi -- open to 10 on Saturday. Same caveat ... many choices between $4 and 7 if you stay away from the big, enticing combo rolls. I never can, which is why my sushi bills are so high!

      1. Have you experienced any problems with Midori's other than slow service? If not, then by 9pm maybe the crowd will have thinned, resulting in a better experience?

        (I've been a fan of Midori's, and agree with reports of slow and inconsistent service over the recent past, but I still like it and hope that they can figure out the logistics to make turnaround time improve.)

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        1. re: Chris Mitra

          The last 2 times we've been to Midori's, it's been much better. I posted to this thread:

          Since then, we've been once (not last weekend, but the weekend before), and it was much faster. It was also practically empty, at around 8:30 or so. The food came out much more quickly, and the quality of their fish lately has been incredible.

          1. re: Mill City Modern

            I totally agree. After posting to this thread, we decided to go to Midori's the next night, and it was faster than it has been in the past. Not super-fast, but faster. However, get this: I think they're aware of the speed issue, and try to make up for it in other ways. Our 3-fish sashimi appetizer came with five fishes. We also received complimentary seaweed appetizer while we were waiting for the meal to arrive. When the meal did arrive, we both commented to each other that *this* was what good sushi should be like. Really amazing fish that night, and nice cuts. Unagi-don, a few nigiri, sashimi appetizer, miso, salad, tea, total bill = $49 for two.

            Being the big nerd that I am, I actually timed the whole thing. At full capacity (every table and the bar occupied), it took us 21 minutes from our order to get the sashimi, and the rest of the food followed quickly afterwards. (Before the sashimi, as I mentioned, we received the free seaweed.)

            Fundamentally the service is gated by the fact that they only have enough space for one sushi chef (Midori), who tends to be meticulous when preparing the dishes. Still, unless we are in a particular rush, I think we are going to continue to choose Midori's.

            1. re: Chris Mitra

              We went to Midori's on New Year's Eve and had very rapid service and incredibly fresh fish. On the advice of several from the previous thread, we ordered the fish dinner bento and both the presentation and the food were outstanding. My only regret is that they don't have any toro - fatty tuna, unappetizing as that may sound - as it doesn't sell well in the TC, according to the waitress.

              1. re: Chris Mitra

                Wow! I would actually say that 21 minutes is pretty fast anywhere! At Origami on a busy night it takes at least that long.

                1. re: Chris Mitra

                  I missed this when it was originally posted, Chris, but am glad to see this and other reports that service at Midori's has improved. I am especially glad that they seemed to be so cognizant of how long it was taking to get the food to you. I am encouraged. Perhaps we will try Midori's again sometime soon.

            2. I had a great time at Wasabi Fusion. Incredibly reasonable prices and a fun atmosphere.

              1. Koyi Sushi, next to Sawatdee in the warehouse district (4th Street btwn 1st & 2nd Ave N), has the most reasonable pricing (especially their happy hours) for sushi in MPLS. When I remarked to the owner that I'd never seen so many sushi rolls on a menu in my life (I tend to order sashimi) he responded, "it is Minnesota, after all"...truer words have never been spoken.