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Jan 5, 2007 07:51 PM

Food near the Canal St. Marriott

I'm attending a conference in a couple of weeks--we'll be staying at the Marriott on Canal St. Any suggestions for nearby restaurants (preferably within a few blocks walk)? Since I will be at the conference in the daytime, I'm mainly asking on behalf of my wife, who prefers not to have to walk a lot. (Also, after the conference we'll be moving to the Omni Royal Orleans, so there will be ample time to explore that end of the Quarter together.)

Breakfast and lunch suggestions are especially welcome, and also some places with less-heavy-than-usual food. We know the Palace Cafe is right down the street, but she would rather not eat rich food like that 3 meals a day.

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  1. Consider this a second request for same, as I am at a conference there now, and already drowning in the rich food i had tonight. Who knew?

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      "Healthy," eh? Some many years ago, I hosted a group of CFOs from Boulder, CO. These were all "leaves n' twigs" folk. I got them into Commander's during the Sugar Bowl - no mean feat. One looked at the menu and inquired, "do you have any 'Healthmark' dishes?" The waitress replied in her best 9th Ward accent, "dawling, this is New Awlins, and we don't do 'Healthmark' here." I think that he settled on the fried lard... no, actually he we for a couple of salads. The point is that New Orleans cuisine is "rich" by design. It's been too long, since I live in NO and dined there with frequency, to recommend lighter fare, but I'm sure that some good spots have cropped up.

      I'd recommend embracing the richness, and just hit the gym, when you get home. That is what we do, and we were raised on NO cuisine - just can't do it for a full week any longer. That is a sad testiment, as we both still enjoy it greatly.


      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Totally understand, but it's not a matter of vanity and hitting the gym later (though I need to do that too!), but of how I felt at the end of the meal. Lesson learned!

    2. We have a lot of Vietnamese food, mostly on the West Bank, but there is a sushi presence in and around the convention center. try Rio Mar a seafood destination and Rockin Sake South Peters and Fulton.

      1. i don't know where to get a healthy breakfast - i think it's impossible unless you order the fruit plate.

        but - other healthy things exist on pretty much a lot of menus. it just depends on what you order. most new orleans restaurants have a fish - and it is not necessarily fried. you can get grilled fish, charbroiled oysters, shrimp or crab salads - all that will be healthy. sometimes you have to order a couple of appetizers instead of a meal to get the chilled/grilled seafood options - but it helps.

        in the quarter - there's Landry's Seafood House, Acme Oyster House (never been - but may be overrated?), Red Fish Grill, and Riomar.

        Also - Emerils seems to have some healthy options.

        Really - it just depends on what you order.

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        1. re: dtud

          Landry's is an awful chain. Just say no. Right on par with Bubba Gump & Hard Rock...

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            well - i ate there about 6 months ago and had a really good crab/shrimp louis salad. so - maybe other stuff isn't good there - but that was. i've never been to buba or hard rock - so, who knows.

        2. The breakfast buffet at Henri's in the J W Marriott Hotel is great and has a lot of options.

          1. Horinoya, a japanese place on Poydras between Baronne & O'Keefe, has lighter fare than the usual NO stuff. Zydecue is a few blocks away in the 800 block of Iberville (not exactly light), and Redfish Grill is a short couple of blocks from the Marriott.

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            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              Is Zydecue any good? I was thinking of ordering a large meal there and see if the will deliver it to my favorite band who has a regular gig about 3 blocks down.

              1. re: Spencer

                I like Zydecue a lot. The cochon du lait is, by their admission, not suckling pig, it's shoulder, but is smoked wonderfully and is delicious.