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Jan 5, 2007 07:38 PM

Good Udon in East Bay?

Chowhounds, please help.

My fiancee and I are desperate for good udon in the East Bay. We live in Walnut Creek so would prefer to stay in the general vicinity (eg Concord, Pleasant Hill, Orinda, Lafayette, Moraga, etc.)

Have been to House of Sake (horrible) and Tokyo Lobby (terrible) based on the feedback from Yelp. Those people wouldn't know good udon if you threw it in their lap.

Anyway, I researched the message board, but the Japanese restaurants people recommend are always for sushi. Neither of us like sushi, we want udon and can't find a decent Japanese restaurant that serves good UDON. Help! Please?

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  1. Try Koreana Kitchen in Walnut Creek on Bonanza. More of a lunch and quick-serve spot but I like their noodle soups.

    For full-service Japanese, Miraku is better than both Tokyo Lobby and House of Sake. So is Fujian (inconsistent). But Miraku is the best, I think, (and most expensive).

    Actually there is a great place in North WC on North Main St. not far from Treat. I think it is called House of Sushi and Teriyaki...not sure if they have udon, though.

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      I didn't like the ramen at Miraku, but I've heard the udon is good there.

    2. I think that the udon served at OChame on 4th St. in Berkeley has been lauded on CH board. See menu page:

      I'm eager to try it.

      1. Thanks everyone for your advice. One of my fiancee's co-workers suggested Zheng Long for udon. I wasn't aware they had Japanese-centered meals there, I thought it was Pan-Asian or California Asian or whatever foo foo word you'd call it.

        Has anyone been to Zheng Long that can verify this recommendation? Yay or nay on udon there?

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          I don't know about there, but you need to go to Miraku in San Ramon (I like it a lot better than the WC one). Their udon was listed in Diablo Magazine's 101 best things to eat in the East Bay. I had already been a huge fan of it prior to that article, so I co-sign their assessment. I always get the tempura udon (one shrimp and 3-4 veggie tempura, plus shitake mushrooms, spinach, bamboo shoots and fish cake). Umami broth with plump, chewy noodles.

          Good nigiri, too. Also, service is exceptional, especially at the sushi bar. Free edamame and miso soup at the sushi bar.

        2. Serika in Orinda in the Orinda Square Theater complex and Miraku in San Ramon are extremely reliable for great udon.

          I can't 2nd the Koreana Kitchen suggestion because sesame oil taste is too strong for me.. I think of udon as delicate and elegant broth and the overuse of sesame oil in the Koreana udon kills it for me.

          Ochame is also excellent - my favorite is the smoked trout udon, but parking in the area is challenging on the weekends.