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Jan 5, 2007 07:30 PM

Quick beer b4 dinner in Tribeca

Need a place to sit and sip a good brew (or two) for 20 minutes or so b4 dinner at Tribeca Mr. Chow. I'll be taking 1 train to FRanklin and walking to Chow and it is supposed to be raining hard, so I really don't want to wander around or go out of my way...
Thanks a ton...

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  1. Grace is on Franklin not far from the Subway.
    Walker's is also right on the corner

    1. Walker's for sure. Skip Mr. Chow and eat dinner there as well.

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      1. re: harrison

        Walker's is an excellent neighborhood bar. A "Cheers" type place with first rate burgers. Grace is stylish but expensive.

        Using the Martini Scale, Walker's serves them for $8. The martinis at Grace are $14.

      2. Wow--chowhound rules.

        1. Walkers...skip Mr. Chow...seriously.

          1. You have to stop knocking Mr. Chow. I posted earlier this week about having to go there, and how I will keep a positive attitude (contrary to my initial bitching), bc I have no choice. So instead of dreading it, I'm looking forward to peking duck. Trust me, I can come up with 100 better ways to drop 100 bucks than decent chinese food. But I am biting the bullet, with a forced smile.
            Biggest crime is the wifey doesn't eat seafood, duck or pork and she will essentially have a 100 dollar chicken broccolli.
            My smile is disappearing...