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The best doughnuts ever

Just returned from Seattle where I had Top Pot hand forged dougnuts -can't stop thinking about them - anyone have recommendations for a great, hearty doughnut shop in NYC?

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  1. People like Doughnut Plant. They are yeast donuts, which I find too chewy in general.

    My favorite are the cake donuts next to the Chinese restaurant on 6th Avenue and 13th Street.

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      Doughnut Plant also serves cake doughnuts.

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        Cake doughnuts at Doughnut Plant are amazing; i agree that the yeast doughnuts at DP are not very good

      2. i like donut pub on 14th and 7th, just really solid normal donuts, nothing funky. not much of a fan of donut pub, thought it was interesting, but not that great.

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          That's my suggestion and take, too. Sadly, New York isn't really a doughnut town...

        2. I disagree, NY is a doughnut town. Unfortunately when most of us think of doughnuts our first thoughts are the insipid Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robbins that are popping up on every corner and gas station (@ least in the outer boroughs). These things are multiplying like lab rats on Viagra.

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          1. I've had good yummy organic donuts at Oren's coffee in grand central. Interesting flavors too - I recall pistachio. Not sure how fresh they are though.

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              i could be wrong, but i think Oren's get their pastries from various sources: donuts from Doughnut Plant, Sticky Buns from Balthazar..etc, at least the one on Broadway and 100+ street on the upper westside does.

            2. Try Bouchon Bakery, They only have them on the weekends...easily the best in NYC, considerably better than the Donut Plant IMO.....The Jelly was stunning...

              1. Hands down, Donut Plant.

                1. In Manhattan, it's Doughnut Plant. But in NYC as a whole, it's Alpha Donuts in Sunnyside, Queens (we have pictures on our site from a review we did this summer). You've never been anywhere friendlier, and the doughnuts are all old-fashioned and delicious.


                  NYCnosh* http://nycnosh.com

                  1. cupcake cafe has delicious orange cake doughnuts--tastier than their cupcakes and very hearty.

                    1. Loved Top Pot- the bavarian creme (think Boston creme on steroids) were amazing. Mrs. GG and mini GG loved them too. But...still gotta give the edge to Donut Plant. Mrs. GG just yelled at me that she prefers Top Pot and they don't run out.

                      1. I hate Doughnut Plant, and I especially hate their cinnamon buns. That's because I've been living about 100 metres from the Plant on Grand St just near Essex for the past 2 months and have put on about 10 pounds.

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                          Wow, the herd really loves Donut Plant....I encourage you to try Bouchon Bakery when you have a chance. Thomas Keller knows his Donuts...

                        2. What about cake donuts?
                          The super soft plain ones like Dutch Mill in the blue box if you got them super fresh....
                          That's a NY brand that folded a couple years ago, and I've never had anything like them. WIthout a doubt, I have not been trying hard enough.

                          Plan to try Bouchon Bakery . . . any others?

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                            Gosh, I remember getting Dutch Mill donuts when I was a kid, so moist and slightly nutmergy or something. I just recently was thinking of trying to track some down. Oh well.

                            I don't like donut plant. I sometimes get cider donuts at the union square market. The donuts at Glaser's on 1st Ave. betw. 87th and 88th are pretty good.

                          2. the peter pan bakery on manhattan avenue (a short walk from the g at nassau) is worth the trek to greenpoint. their product haunts my dreams, and i don't even like doughnuts that much in general.

                            1. ^^Oh yeah, I like that place too!
                              Don't get there too often, though.

                              1. I don't like heavy donuts nor the too sweet ones-my favorite are the cider donuts sold at Green Markets-although I haven't seen them in quite a while--has anyone seen them lately???