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Jan 5, 2007 07:07 PM

live crabs around now

you guys were incredible the other day on where to go to a restaurant for crabs. now my question is, where to buy live crabs around now? (are we way out of crab season? i have no idea.) and old bay? could be in manhattan.

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  1. Chinatown. Softshell season doesn't start until mid-April but imported crabs and some domestic hardshell are available.

    1. if you are willing to go deep into brooklyn, there is a huge chinese fish and produce market in bensonhurst that i see unloading live crabs every morning lately. i think they are blue claws. the live seafood selection -- from squirming eel to littlenecks -- is very impressive and well-priced.

      it is on 86th street just south of 18th avenue

      1. My husband and I had great success buying dungeness crabs (live) at several markets in Flushing last winter. My relatives in Seattle were very syrprised when we called for cooking instructions! One crab is large enough to feed two people; we generally chilled it down after cooking before eating. Very tasty! We got ours at the Hong Kong supermarket off Main Street. My sister also recently bought blue crabs there, though they were all females...