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Jan 5, 2007 07:00 PM

Singas Pizza In Brooklyn - Columbia Street

Noticed it this week while running in Carroll Gardens West, Red Hook North - whatever. So what is their style of pizza (I realize it is a local chain) - a very spicy sauce?

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  1. The only noteworthy thing I've noticed about Singas is they serve personal pizzas cooked to order, so the pizza's straight out of the oven, & better than standard reheated slices. I'll typically call ahead and walk 10 or so minutes to arrive around when the pizza's done, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it.

    I've never noticed any meaningful difference in taste compared to a good neighborhood slice place (I've eaten at 3 of the chain's locations, Elmhurst and the 2 in Flushing).

    1.'s like Dominos, at least the one in the E. Village.

      1. is it singa's or singah's? i can't seem to remember right now.

        anyway, as mentioned already, i like that the pizzas are made as you order. it's nice that the cheese is bubbly and hot. i also go to singa's when i want a personal-sized pizza... so i can have a slice or 2 leftover for lunch the following day.

        it's not my first choice by far, but if i'm in the area of one, there's few other choices and i don't have much cash on me... then i will go to one.

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          1. I agree with CobblerNYC -- this place is about on the same level as Dominoes or Pizza Hut. It's got a thick puffy crust and the sauce tastes like it's made of at least 25% high fructose corn syrup. It's hands down the worst pizza I've encountered in the neighborhood.

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              I've never been tempted to try. One look at the cracking, yellowed low-end cheese and the pale, puffy crust and I've been out of there each time I've walked into one. I'm a big fan of Greek-style pizza, so it's not that I think pan pizza or well-done cheese are bad things in themselves, but...

              Diff'rent strokes foir diff'rent folks.