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Jan 5, 2007 06:53 PM

upscale steakhouses that serve burgers too

Any suggestions? I love the old homestead burger but know MANY of the other places dont have them on the menu. Want a nicer dinner place for tonight...thanks live union square

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  1. keens on w. 36th st. get the prime rib hash as well.

    not manhattan, but peter luger serves burgers during lunchtime only. not everyone likes them, but i think they're great. love the bacon, too.

    smith & wollensky and wollensky's grill in midtown east.

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      forgot to mention - the burger and prime rib hash at keens are only available in the bar area, which is in a separate room from the main dining room.

      1. re: surly

        I think it's called the Pub Room, which is a room next to the actual bar. (In other words, the bar stool room is different from the place where you sit and have the GREAT hash and good burger.)

    2. Wolfgang's has one of my favorite burgers in the city, but it too is only served at lunch (and even then only at the bar)

      1. Michael Jordan's has a fantastic burger that is at least served during lunch. Not sure if it is offered at dinner.

        1. I doubt any of the higher end steakhouses would serve burgers at dinner, at least on the menu. Some of the better steakhouses that serve burgers only do so on the lunch menu, and that includes many of the chains. I think S&W, recommended by surly, does serve burgers in the grill portion of the restaurant.

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            Gallagher's (sp?) serves a great one at dinner time.

          2. Dylan Prime in Tribeca has it on their lounge menu but will serve it in the main dining room for dinner if you ask (i've done).

            Also, Landmarc in Tribeca has their burger on menu always.