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Jan 5, 2007 06:40 PM

Tamarine in Palo Alto

We're going there for dinner tomorrow night for the first time. Any special recommendations?

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  1. fried whole fish with chile sauce - a fairly authentic dish for the region

    1. I like their Sambal Bass, which is also a fried whole fish. Very fragrant and flavorful.

      1. just ate there last night... one of my favorite places. We liked the aubergine (with chili sauce?) and the duck confit salad. The salt and pepper calamari were fine but not memorable. Ive always loved their shakin' beef, but didnt order it this time. The best thing I had was the jasmine flavored rice-- 2 bucks!

        1. Fried Imperial Rolls. Simple but awesome. Tamarine is OK, and I think the atmosphere is nice, but we usually go to Vung Tau II (owned by same family, half the price). I have only been once, and thought the Shaking Beef was disappointing. I remember one of their cocktails being quite tasty, though.