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Jan 5, 2007 06:32 PM

Writing and eating in Montreal

I'm taking a weeklong working trip to Montreal in a couple of weeks, staying near Rue St-Denis and Rue Sherbrooke Est.

Any suggestions for either good cafes (for writing) or good restaurants (for writing off)?


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  1. For a cafe/bar where there're always a few laptops open, try Else's at 156 Roy Est.

    If you want more minimal sleak modern cafe, and again lots of open laptops, try Laika at 4040 St Laurent.

    Both have wireless, I believe, and both have decent espressos and small menu.

    1. The Reservoir (9 Duluth, corner of St-Laurent)is just across the street from Laika and is much better in terms of ambiance (less be-seen) and has better food for cheaper as well as being an artisanal brewery. One of my favs. They serve lunch on Tuesdays through Fridays and a fabulous brunch on weekends. The rest of the time its fun pub eats with a twist.

      1. good point about the food and vibe at Reservoir--their stout is tasty too

          1. Café Art-Java on Mount Royal 2 blocks east of St. Denis has fantastic coffee, good food, and I regularly see people in there writing.

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              Second the Art Java recommendation. Free wi-fi, and the seating in the back is a bit quieter. I haul my macbook pro out there once in a while for a nice afternoon of leisurely nibbling and coffee drinking.