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Jan 5, 2007 06:25 PM

Dutch pancakes?

Does anyone know of a Bay Area restaurant that serves Dutch pancakes?

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  1. FatApples in Berkeley / El Cerrito.

    The Original Pancake House a chain in various locations.

    I never tried them, but Cafe Bean in SF made them ... the owner WAS Dutch. However she sold the place and I'm not really sure of the status of the place at this time.

    There was a report that Lime had them

    Occasionaly they show up on Citizen Cake's menu but I never had them and I would guess it would be a frou-frou version.

    1. Bette's Oceanview Dinner 4th st. Berkeley used to have them...fillings changed often....
      but I haven't been there in a while..
      Also Peter's in Millbrae diagonally opposite (North) from the Hong Kong Flower Lounge on El Camino