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Jan 5, 2007 06:24 PM

Spaetzle maker uses?

When I wasn't looking, my mother-in-law managed to give us a spaetzle maker this Christmas. We make spaetzle approximately once every 3-4 years. We try to eschew "uni-taskers" (small kitchen), so is there anything else I can do with this thing? I'd be happy to use it if it's good for anything besides spaetzle...

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  1. I have one and have never figured out anything else to do with it but when my old one broke I did replace it. We don't make spatzle any more frequently than you do but it sure beats pushing the dough through a colander or individually off the tip of a spoon.

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      I'm with Candy on this one - it really works well for the purpose, and doesn't take up much room, particularly if you take it apart to store it. And I know this veers on OT here but, Candy - have you tried making them w/ soy flour? I've done half AP half soy and really couldn't tell the difference.

    2. No I don't do anything with soy except use the sauce.

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        The soy flour makes it a lower carb spatzle.

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          That is handy to know. Thanks.

      2. That will depend on the type or construction of the unit. I mean some are made so close to a potato ricer or a rotary food processor it could be used as such.

        My grandmother made spatzle with an "S" wire potato masher. She used the same tool for veggies and to crumble up hamburger or sausage in the skillet. You just may have to be a bit more creative- ???


        1. I use mine to rice potatoes for masheds. I find myself making spaetzle more and more, especially for company. Everyone simply loves the dish.

          1. DO you prefer the rotary type of the one that is rectangular with the box that goes back and forth?