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Jan 5, 2007 06:11 PM

Looking for great italian in Springfield, MA...

Does anyone know of a nice italian restaurant in Springfield that is near the hall of fame area? I'm taking my boyfriend to the hall of fame and want to make a night of it- so I'm looking for a nice date restaurant with really good food. I've heard a few things about Pazzo, Lido, and Caramia- so any opinions about those would be welcome too. Thanks!

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  1. About 2 miles away at THE X in Forest Park section check out TYPICAL SICILIAN RESTAURANT. Family run, small, friendly, very very good.

    1. I also like Typical Sicilian. they are open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner only. A little farther up Sumner Avenue (typical is on Belmont Ave.)is The Touch of Garlic. They are open for lunch and dinner. I think they may be closed on Sunday. I think Lido is ordinary at best. Consistent, but ordinary.