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Jan 5, 2007 05:52 PM

Seviche Latin Restaurant Louisville, KY mini-review

Seviche restaurant has only been open for two years, but in that short time has been honored with the "Best New Restaurant" and "Best Restaurant in Louisville" awards by a popular independant poll. Chef Anthony Lamas has twice been invited to the prestigious James Beard House. Food critics and diners alike have difficulty faulting the atmosphere, service and food in any way. In fact, this may be my favorite restaurant in Louisville for several good reasons.
Twice we've enjoyed delicious meals here. Most recently, we took three friends with us so we could sample many dishes before writing a review. We've sampled many appetizers, but the ones that truly stand out have been the wild mushroom and goat cheese empanadas. Served with a tomato based sauce, the flavors explode in your mouth. Lamas uses locally produced products in this dish, as with all his creations. The server prepares a delicious fresh guacamole at tableside. The highlight of the appetizer course were mussels in a spicy cilantro broth, which is good enough to finish with a spoon. A great bargain at $8, there are easily enough for 2-3 people to share. Calamari were breaded in a tempura type coating with strips of peppers and a spicy dipping sauce.A recent addition to the menu is a grilled octopus appetizer, which we'll try on our next visit. There are many different types of seviches (ceviches) only a couple which are the lime marinated variety. You can order a sampler or even a spoonful. The entrees are varied and have many things which appeal to all diners. Flavors are from subtle to explosive! On this night, I chose the ahi tuna of the day which came with macademia nut rice and mussels in a very spicy sauce. Perfect. The roasted vegetable chimichanga with gouda and butternut squash sauce is simply the best veggie entree I've ever had. It is huge, but you'll devour every bite. The sea bass was also delicious. I eat no red meat and am not the best food reviewer because of that, but a signature dish that gets rave reviews is the Feijoda, a Brazilian dish with black beans cooked with smoked meats, sausages, served over rice with fresh salsa and greens.
The atmosphere is cozy, with dark mustard/bronze faux walls and dim lighting. Service is friendly and efficient. There is a large outdoor seating area available during good weather which is always popular. Prices are reasonable, especially for the portions and the quality of ingredients with most entrees in the 13-29 dollar range. A menu is available online, but it doesn't include many new items which have been added. The wine list is excellent, with a good variety from around the world and the US. There is also a small bar in the center of the restaurant and I noticed some interesting specialty drinks. The interior is smoke free.
Seviche may not appeal to a "steak and potatoes" diner. However, it will delight those who love flavor and relish great food prepared in different ways at a good price. Five stars!

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    1. It is located at 1538 Bardstown of Louisville's "restaurant row" places.

      1. I had one night to eat out in Lousville, and thanks to this recommendation and others, decided to head for Seviche. I was not disappointed.

        Lunch was late, heavy and horrible, at some 4th Street Live place (this is what can happen when you eat nothing but airplane pretzels between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. - you get desperate and your judgment is clouded), so I wasn't super hungry. A shame -- I wish I could go back and try more dishes.

        I had a trio of ceviches -- ahi tuna in coconut ginger broth, halibut in chimichurri with
        tomatillo, and naragi (AKA striped marlin) in, um... orange jalapeno yuzu ginger mojo (I took notes). All incredibly fresh and flavorful. I've never been a big fan of ahi tuna or halibut -- always seemed bland and disappointing -- but these were spectacular. The waitress explained that because Louisville is a UPS hub, they get super-fresh fish directly from Hawaii. Also had the baked oysters, which were kind of like oysters rockefeller but with crushed hazelnuts. For dessert, black-and-white tres leches cake with fresh berries -- served in a a massive cup, the tart berries working beautifully with the often overly sweet tres leches.

        All in all, a great restaurant experience.