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Jan 5, 2007 05:43 PM

Country ham at L.A.'s grocery stores

Anybody know where I can get sliced country ham in L.A.? There are only two of us, so a whole ham would be a bit much. I live at about fairfax/3rd st., so the closer the better. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Don't know if this will do, but yesterday at the Los Feliz Costco in the refrigerated case I noticed they had half country hams wrapped in yellow paper and twine. I didn't pay close attention to the brand but they were about $2.29/lb.

    1. I've seen slices of country ham at 99 Ranch (the CA based Asian chain).

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        You're right-totally forgot.
        Chinese identify with Smithfield when it comes to country ham so they may say "Smithfield" ham when they mean that salty ham in a recipe. But most of the time that's the brand they carry. They don't use a lot of it but mainly to flavor some dishes.

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          We have gotten whole Virgina hams from 99 ranch as well as Hong Kong Market.

      2. Bristol Farms often sells the Edwards brand, which is pretty good, but not always - call. The brand Surfas sells is not good at all, and I've always found the hams at 99 less than adequate. Ham is definitely one of those foodstuffs where the internet is your friend. Try ordering from Fathers Country Hams, Broadbent, or Colonel Newsom's.

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          Early's and Loveless Cafe are two good online sources for Tennessee hams, as well as the various essential accompaniments. Harper's is another good brand at <>