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Jan 5, 2007 05:39 PM

Dinner in the Main Line Area

Can you recommend a good place to eat that is not too expensive?

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  1. Mediterranean Grill
    Thai Pepper
    Fellini Cafe

    1. If you are in Bryn Mawr: Lourdas (Greek) and Ha Long Bay (Vietnamese).

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      1. re: jwbausch

        I'd like to second Lourdas! The chef is the owner and she really cares about what goes out the door. The Pacticcio is the best we have ever had. Her son is the Maitre'd and he's really pleasant. It's BYO and cash only. I do not find the prices too high or offensive. The only down side is that it can get pretty noisy when there is a full house. eat & enjoy!

      2. Sang Kee in Wynnewood (for Chinese). Good & trendy decor. Casual but nice. Gets loud when crowded.
        Very casual organic & some vegetarian with a hip atmosphere is Milkboy coffee in Ardmore.
        Khadlaharo (sp?) in Ardmore is a very good Indian restaurant.

        & to second Satuninus's recs:
        Mediterranean Grill in Bryn Mawr is a great BYOB with a Turkish/Middle Eastern menu
        Thai Pepper in Ardmore is a great Thai restaurant
        Fellini cafe is very well-priced americanized Italian. Huge portions and reliable food. Expect a wait around dinner time.

        What type of atmosphere are you looking for? There are other pub type retaurants too.

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        1. re: Main Line Tracey

          We recently had lunch at Mediterranean Grill and it was wonderful. I had a giant Greek Salad and this appetizer thing that was incredible. I can't remember the name of it but it's the burnt underside of rice that's so popular in the East and they have two sauces that go on top. We had the sweet and sour and it was sooooooooo good.

        2. I prefer the Fellini Cafe in Berwyn over the other locations. What do you guys think?

          I am not crazy about the indian restaurant (with a K) in Ardmore. It's a bit dirty. Others might disagree.

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          1. re: saturninus

            Fellini's in Berwyn is by far my favorite of the locations. I overheard recently that Frank bought the Fellini's name and is now independent of the "chain". We were there last Friday night and the food was as good as ever and there was a line out the door like usual!

            1. re: saturninus

              I can't speak to the Berwyn location, but I'm not a huge fan of the Main Line Fellini. Their pasta dishes are, imo, uninspired (if large portioned and inoffensive) and their pasta seems to be of the par boiled "to an inch of its life and then flashed in the pot when ordered" variety.

              1. re: hveagle

                That was the deal at the Berwyn location and my dh reports that Paoli was identical.

                I think the appeal is for (1) people who wouldn't know good Italian food if it bit'em in the butt, and (2) people like us who just really really really don't wanna cook that night. It's close, it's cheap, 'nuff said. I don't really go there, but I'd rather see local, independently-owned Fellini thrive than one of those awful corporate chains.

                1. re: Mawrter

                  Agreed Mawrter.

                  I would much rather go to Fellini's than the local Olivetucci's Grill.

                  1. re: hveagle

                    hehe while i love your corporate chain description and that general mantra most of the time, i've got to say i'll eat bertucci's margarita pizza over anything i've ever had at fellini's, any day. i don't care who reaps the profits. this is solely based on deliciousness, and you can't deny that pizza is damn good.

                    fellini's like you said is a *local* chain - meaning they've got local shopping options like the italian market right there at their fingertips for good ingredients! there is no excuse for their watered-down overcooked food. for my italian cooking at home i buy all my stuff at the italian market and it comes out much, much, much better than fellini's.

                    1. re: rabidog

                      Heh! I've been trying to wean my dh off Bertucci's, because he loves their pizza too, and he gets discouraged as we sample our way through all the lousy suburban pizza at indie pizzerias in our neck of the woods.

                      "Olivetucci" -- hahahahahahhaha, HVEagle! TOO funny!

                      1. re: Mawrter

                        Since this thread seems to keep chugging along, I'll report that I have gotten a bit more successful in the local pizza quest: Mom's Bake at Home in Devon. They have multi-grain, whole wheat and gluten-free crust options! They have sauce and toppings that are higher-quality and fresher-tasting than anything I've encountered recently. AND it's not over-rpiced and the staff/owner aren't surly. In fact, they're actually ... nice. Go there! Get take-out! No delivery, but you won't mind because it's really good.

                        Mom's Bake At Home Pizza
                        896 Lancaster Ave, Devon, PA 19333

                    2. re: hveagle

                      Olivetucci's...that is funny! Thanks hveagle!

              2. Just a note about Lourdas: while the food is excellent, it is not cheap. My family of four went there for dinner, ordered three appetizers and two main dishes. The bill was 81 dollars plus tip. ended up to be around 96 dollars total and we were ordering very conservatively.
                Here are some alternatives:
                Sang Kee Asian Bistro, Sam's Grill in Wynnewood
                Milk Boy coffee (lighter cafe fare) in Ardmore
                Any of the Thai places along Lancaster Ave. between Ardmore and Bryn Mawr