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Family eatin' in Dupont Circle

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I'm taking the wife and my two young daughters to DC next weekend. Any recommendations on nicer, interesting restaurants in the Dupont Circle area where children would be welcomed? No chains please, but we're open to any type of ethnic food.

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  1. In Dupont you will be lucky to find a restaurant that is at the most neutral towards children, let alone welcome them. You might try Pizza Paradiso on P Street or Buco de Bepe (maybe a chain?) on Connecticut at Florida.

    Come to think of it, there is this relatively new Thai place called Mai Thai that I tried recently and happened to notice a family with children dining happily across the room. It's on 19th just south of the Circle between M and N. I thought it was pretty good.

    1. Hanks Oyster Bar has sides like mac and cheese and potatoes and the portions seem like they are designed for kids. Bua in Dupont is not my favorite but it is a large space and they generally aren't too busy

      1. I've never had a problem taking my kids to any casual restaurant - which covers almost every restaurant in that area. If you are looking for cheap and tasty, then Teaism is a great spot with light Japanese meals, you order at the counter. Same with Moby Dick which offers Persian kabobs and sandwiches. The Atomica pizza at Pizza Paradiso is very special.

        1. If you want some great French bistro food try Bistro du Coin. Great atmosphere and fair prices.

          1. There's always Kramerbooks, esp. for breakfast and lunch. On sunday mimosas and bloodies are free. Very good food, nice atmosphere, pleasant waitstaff. It's kind of a gay bookstore, so, depending on your outlook, you may want to speed through the bookstore part if your with the kids.

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              I don't know that I'd go so far to say good food or pleasant waitstaff, but it's a great atmosphere. And it's not a gay bookstore- that's the store down the street. It's ok for kid friendlyness.

            2. -Dupont Italian Kitchen (17th & R)
              -Luna Cafe (Right off the circle)
              -Fractured Prune (22nd and P)-Not a restaurant but a unique donut shop that your daughters will really like.
              -Mimi's American Bistro (21 & P)
              -Nooshi (19th b/w L and M)
              -Thai Chef (Conn Ave & R)
              -Zorba's Cafe (20th and Q)
              -Julia's Empanadas (Conn Ave at RI Ave and 18th St).
              -Duplex Diner (18th St--the cusp of Adams Morgan)

              1. The times I have gone to Bistro du Coin with child, it was plenty obvious that the staff was not at all pleased to have a child around. (even a cute well-behaved one!). Pretty grumpy.

                Kramerbooks a gay bookstore? That's a new one on me! I wouldn't eat the food there if you paid me, though.

                Other recommendations above are good. Alero, mexican restaurant on west side of Connecticut between R and S (I think) is probably still good and friendly.

                1. I'd be hesitant to bring kids to Hank's or Bistro du Coin - the service is not kid-friendly at either of them, IMO.

                  Steve and Jacey both picked great spots but if you choose to go to Luna MAKE SURE to go to the one on Connecticut, south of the circle. There is another Luna - Luna Cafe, I think it's called? On P st betw 16th and 17th that has THE WORLD'S SLOWEST SERVICE.

                  1. i disagree with your thoughts about Luna on P and 17th. I was JUST there for lunch today and the service was fine, and there was two different tables (one with three little kids there). The waitstaff seemed to be going above and beyond for them, and it seemed like they have them special meals for kids.

                    1. I see kids in Sette all the time

                      1. There isn't a restaurant in DC that won't welcome kids. There are just too many two working parents who eat out often and expect to be able to bring their kids for any restaurant to treat them badly. That said, in the Dupont area I'd say that Jacey had some good recommendations. A lot of it depends on how advertursome your daughters are, and their ages. I took my son to Annie's Steakhouse (yes that is definitely a "gay" restaurant) when he was 6 years old and he was treated very well (he even compared his temporary tattoos with the permanent ones on the waiter). There is a Fuddruckers on 18th St. if they want something familiar, Pizzeria Paradiso would be a good choice, Sesto Senso deals well with children if it isn't too late in the evening, Bacchus is a great place to take kids who want to try different things because of the small plate format, Heritage India would be a good choice if they like Indian food.

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                          Dinwiddie I'm dissappointed. This close to DuPont and you don't reccomend Dino? http://www.dcfoodies.com/2006/02/dino...

                          A very short cab ride from DuPont.

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                            I can't recommend it all the time, people are beginning to talk. But it would be a great place to take them.

                        2. Dinwiddie is right. Maybe too many of us have had the awful experence of rotten kids spoiling our evenings that we forget that most children behave well. My daughters did - or the wrath of God befell them - so we never had problems. There also isn't any need to always think: Kid = Pizza/pasta/burgers. They learn as they are taught.

                          Two places on P might be of interest.
                          Pesce has wonderfully fresh seafood and can also do simple preparations if your daughters prefer. They also have great desserts.
                          Montsouris is a casual bistro with an excellent simple French version of a meat-and-potatoes menu. Classic desserts.

                          1. "Depending on your outlook" speeding through the store may not get people away from the evil homos and evil homo books. For goodness sakes. that's pretty bad Gigigirl.

                            In other news . . .I would suggest Levante's, south of the circle for Middle Eastern, Teaism, as others have said, Zorba's, and Cafe Odeon.

                            1. I would second Hank's Oyster bar, with the warning that you should go early (like 5 pm) to get a table right away. There's not really a place to hang out if tables aren't available. Same thing with Pizzeria Paradiso. Both have tasty food items that will appeal to adults and kids alike.

                              As for Kramerbooks, I think the food has gone way downhill there. I've really wanted to like it the past few times I've been, but I've found things overcooked and/or cold, which is an odd combination. I do continue to like their pies though, so it could be a fun place to take the family for dessert. By the way, it is NOT "kind of a gay bookstore" rather they have an good selection of political, philosophy, religion, food, travel, and fiction titles, and lots of people browsing at any time of day or night.

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                                The problem with Hank's is that everything is too greasy. Too much butter on top of the flat iron steak (Friday night special) and way too much sesame oil on the green beans.

                                Hope you found a place that was kid-friendly and fun for everyone!

                              2. We eat out every Friday night with our kids and gravitate to the French bistros, where we can eat well and the kids almost always order steak and frites. Montsouris, Bistrot du Coin and Lavandou (the first two in the Dupont neighborhood) have all been welcoming and gracious to our kids.

                                1. Bistro du Coin is great! Authentic and welcome to families!