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Jan 5, 2007 05:22 PM

Lunch in Riverside (Ex. 5 off 95)

I'm taking my 5 year old to a birthday party in Riverside tomorrow and I told him I'd take him out to lunch first. It seems like a nice opportunity to try someplace new. We live in Rye Brook, so Rye, Rye Brook, Port Chester and Greenwich as far east as Asiana are all totally familiar.

What's good near the party? Nothing fancy, obviously, pizza, a diner, a deli, something else quick and casual. I know I can always get take out from Hay Day, but I'd prefer someplace to sit down.

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  1. I'm guesing that you're going to a party at that gym that's across from Balducci's/Hay Day.
    There's a shopping center not far from there where there's a chinese restaurant and an italian place called Pomodoro.

    1. There aren't a *lot* of options near there. If you turn right off the exit ramp onto E Putnam and then right at the first light onto Sound Beach Avenue and head into Old Greenwich, there are a couple of options -- a bagel shop (that makes sandwiches), a pizza/deli (Sound Beach Pizza), Arcadia coffee shop on Arcadia road has some good sandwiches/salads and is very kid-friendly.

      Heading the other way on E Putnam, you'd have to eat at McDonald's or head into Cos Cob before you find something. My only real thought in Cos Cob is Arcuri's pizza (which won't be much different than Sound Beach Pizza) which has limited seating. There is also a tea salon directly behind Arcuri's -- don't know much about their offerings.

      For me, I'd go with the bagel shop, Sound Beach Pizza or Arcadia.