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Jan 5, 2007 05:13 PM

Pesquera vs Vega

The two great bodegas of Ribera del Duero...let's compare notes. Reserva or Gran Reservas from Pesquera vs Vega Sicilia. Any Vintage. What have you tried? What do you like? What are your favorites?

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  1. These are both great wines, occasionally even stupendous wines. My "notes" would be that in general these are quite long-lived wines and while they can be drank upon release, age serves them very well.

    1994 and 1995 are drinking the best now, IMO... Among recent vintages, 2001 is very worthwhile cellaring.

    1. The 1990 Vega Sicilia Unico was simply "wow" - I drank it in fall 2002

      1. Ok just cracked open a 95 Janus Gran Riserva and was not that impressed. A tempranillo that I was very happy with recently was an 03 Termanthia. Still a bit early, but let it decant about 2hrs and it had loads of fruit. I'm wondering how that compared with their Numanthia if anyone has tried it?