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Jan 5, 2007 04:42 PM

Maine hound at CNN Omni

I will be staying at the CNN Omni for a few days - typical business meetings. I will be with a group of 9 and need to arrange for a dinner out.

As a hound - I have the need to find somewhere off the beaten path. I'm open to all types of food, and budget is not much of an issue - but as a hound, value is important. We would prefer not to travel to far. As always, your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. I would head over to midtown for something good. There are a bunch of good restaurants near Crescent Avenue. South City Kitchen is great.
    If you want great upscale seafood Oceanaire Restaurant on Peachtree is excellent. There is a McCormick and Schmidts (sp?) right in CNN. It is a chain, but their food is awesome everytime.
    There is Ted's Montana Grill on Luckie St.
    I hope this might help a little.

    1. Bed is located over in the Downtown area. You might want to try Chowbaby on the West side. Agave for Southwestern. Not too far from downtown.