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Jan 5, 2007 04:30 PM

Can you Freeze Hummus?

I just bought a case of Fresh Hummus from Bobby's, thanks to help from chowhound. Is it okay to freeze hummus...and if so, how do I defrost it without it coming out funky? tips appreciated on freezing & defrosting fresh food. and for the dumb question, why cant you freeze milk?

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  1. Hummus should freeze just fine. Is the hummus in small containers? If so I see no reason why you can't just freeze it like that. Otherwise put into ziplocks or those disposable/reusable tupperware type containers to freeze. Fill to the top and make sure there is no air in the container of baggie. Defrosting slowly in the fridge overnight is probably the best way.

    Why can't you freeze milk? When I was a kid I knew large families that only went shopping once a week and they would freeze lots of milk right in the unopened carton. If you do a quick google search you will find that it is ok to freeze it, as long as you do it before the sell by date, defrost and use it within a month or so, and defrost in the fridge.

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      I know this is an old post but I was just thinking maybe using the seal a bag for the Humus

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        I work in an industrial kitchen. I learned there to freeze hummus by the scoop. We put scoops of hummus (just the right amount for the wrap we use it on) on a baking sheet and freeze it. Then store them in a container so we can pull out 1 or 50, depending on the need. Now I do that at home.

      2. I guess I thought you could not freeze milk because ive tried to freeze sour cream and other dips ive made using sour cream, and it came out all funky clumpy...also my attempts to freeze guacamole has never turned out well.
        It sounds from your reply (and thank you for that) that if I use the right container it should freeze okay. Thanks, I will try.

        1. I found this post when I Googled "can you freeze hummus" and wanted to respond to the question about milk.

          Now that the kids are gone, my husband and I don't consume milk quickly enough so that even a half gallon will stay fresh - and no store I shop in sells milk by the quart anymore. I use mostly powdered dry milk for cooking and we don't drink milk but do use it on cereal and in a few other places.

          I buy milk in gallon jugs and transfer it to quart plastic containers and freeze it. When one quart starts getting low, we transfer a frozen one to the refrigerator and by the time the first quart is empty, the second is thawed and ready for use. (If it's not totally thawed by then, some time on the lowest defrost cycle in the microwave does the trick.) The milk seems fine - it tastes fine in cereal (the only way I consume it).


          1. Never had a problem freezing milk. I freeze cream too, but only for use in soups since it goes funky. Cooks out fine though

            1. I don't drink milk, but use it in cooking. What I don't finish, I freeze (and I've been doing it for years). Milk freezes fine.
              I also freeze half-and-half and cream (from/for ice cream making). It clumps up a little, but that goes away if it's heated up. And I have successfully frozen whipping cream and then whipped the thawed cream, but I think that's kind of iffy (so I don't count on it)

              That said, I don't see why you couldn't freeze hummus. You probably just have to stir it in the event some liquid separates from the solids.