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Jan 5, 2007 04:26 PM

Veggies in Boston?


I'm visiting Boston next week for the first time. I'm staying with a friend who lives in Brookline (who's also new to the Boston area). We plan on exploring the city and towns surrounding, and I know for sure we'll be in Cambridge for a day. We're both vegetarians and looking for interesting places to eat. They don't have to be vegetarian restaurants per se, but suggestions for veggie friendly places would be great!

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  1. For a splurge, I know the following restaurants in Boston and Cambridge offer vegetarian tasting menus:

    Upstairs on the Square
    Craigie Street Bistrot

    For less stratospheric prices, a few of my favorites for my veg friends:

    Baraka Cafe (Central Square) - Algerian and Tunisian, great couscous
    Addis Red Sea (South End) - Ethiopian
    Helmand (East Cambridge) - Afghan
    Christopher's (Porter Square) - mid-scale pub fare. I love their homemade veggie burger with pesto and roasted red pepper.

    1. Don't know how strict you are. Many of the vegetarian dishes at Dok Bua and Rod Dee (in Brookline) probably have shrimp paste or fish sauce. If you're cool with that, I recommend them. Regardless, you can probably find dishes to your liking there. Others to try:
      Falafel sandwich at Rami's in Coolidge Corner
      Middle Eastern food at Reef Cafe in Allston, Boston Shwarama near the MFA, and Sultan's Kitchen downtown
      Tamarind Bay for Indian in Cambridge, or Bombay Club nearby for the mostly vegetarian lunch buffet
      Rangzen for Tibetan in Cambridge
      Vegetarian friendly bar food and good beer lists at Bukowski's in Boston and Cambridge and Christopher's in Cambridge
      Elotes (sauteed green beans) and mole cheese enchiladas at Forest Cafe (a Mexican pub/restaurant near the Harvard campus)
      Pizza, cannoli, etc. in the North End (lots of threads on this)

      There are a handful of fully vegetarian restaurants in the area, including some Buddhist Chinese places with faux meats. The one I would recommend most is Veggie Planet in Harvard Square, though I think the vegetarian food at the other places I mentioned is as good or better.

      I'd recommend Helmand for something more upscale but still comfortable and totally vegetarian friendly.

      1. In Harvard Sq. are Veggie Planet(veggie):, Casablanca(Middle Eastern):, Tamarind(Indian) Bay:

        1. YOu can also do a search with the word "vegetarian" and toms of stuff will come up...

          Himalayian Bistro in W rox
          Wonder SPice in JP
          Village Sushi in Rosi

          1. You could also check out Grasshopper Cafe in Allston. Not the best vegan food around, but decent job with seitan. If you are fish friendly, I would second the Dok Bua suggestion!

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              Grasshopper is not merely not the best, it's pretty crappy. It's garnered a great deal of negative opinion on this board.

              1. re: Karl S

                Yeah, it's pretty horrible. That's based on multiple attempts with a vegetarian friend as people kept telling her she just wasn't ordering the right things. For that sort of food, go to Buddha's Delight right over on Harvard Ave in Brookline where they're staying instead. A little more spartan looking but the food's much better.

                Another cheap ethnic lunch option is Reef Cafe on Brighton, which always has a number of good vegetarian options.

                I'll second the falafel at Rami's which I finally tried for the first time. Yum

                1. re: psora

                  Buddha's Delight Too is OK, and much better than Grasshopper imo. The best thing about it is the large selection of fresh fruit shakes. The worst thing about it is that it's a big, sterile, quiet place that has been completely empty when I've gone (say, at 1pm). It's worth a try if you like or have never tried Buddhist Chinese places, but I've had much better in other cities. It could be that Grasshopper's higher popularity is due to its being a bit closer to BU.

                  1. re: fenian

                    I agree. BD is decent, occasionally good, frequently empty. Not great. The fact that it's way better than Grasshopper says more about the latter....

                    1. re: Karl S

                      The one in Brookline changed to a thai/bubble tea place. The service is terrible. I would rather go to grasshopper personally.