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Jan 5, 2007 04:16 PM

Where have the Sakana (Arcadia) folks gone?

The wonderful couple and the whole crew who operated Sakana in Arcadia have left, and their successors apparently are just terrible. Does anyone know where they have moved to? Have they opened, or do they plan to open a new place? Sakana has been our favorite Japanese restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley since we returned from living in Tokyo for a year in 1989. However, we haven't been there lately and got the word about the change just recently.

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  1. I heard that the husband/cook has cancer, so that's why they sold it.

    My second choice is probably Kiyozuzi? on Baldwin, but it's not nearly as good as Sakana.

    Other options would be Yoshida on Huntington Dr. in San Marino.

    I have heard good things at The Sushi in Temple City but have never been there.

    1. If that is true, that is terrible news. They are both such lovely and talented people. I guess we will try The Sushi in Temple City and continue trekking to Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo. I liked Yoshida's years ago when it was just a hole in the wall in Pasadena, but haven't cared as much for the newer, fancier digs in San Marino.

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        I really like The Sushi (and I'm a regular there). It can crowded and loud at times, so be forewarned.

        Also, it's nothing fancy. Just solid, basic sushi stuff.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          Food Historian--let me know what you think of The Sushi once you try it. I always loved Sakana and its wonderful food.

          1. re: WHills

            Living in TC nearly all my life, i think it's about time I finally tried this quaint little place. I'd drive by it everyday - and it's funny, we never saw people going in. How are the prices anyone?

      2. I was there for a private party a few weeks ago, on the last night before the new owners took over. The couple sold it and are moving back to Japan. They made wonderful Japanese food and will be missed. I heard nothing about him having cancer, tho' indeed he did look cacechtic.

        1. Please if any one finds out more, let us know. Sakana has been our favorite Sushi place for years. I actually knew their daughter in junior high, high school. I hope that he is ok. Very nice people. Okamoto is their last name.

          1. I do not agree that the new staff are horrible. The new master chef Hiro, is AWESOME. The two other chefs are still around. The new wait staff are getting trained. I do agree the previous owners were excellent too. Where else can you get trigger fish? Sakana still has the best sushi in th neighborhood. They still do the old school sushi. Kiyozuzi is OK, but I'm spoiled by the quality @ Sakana.