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Jan 5, 2007 04:08 PM

Good coffee shop to sit down and read a book

Hi All, I'll be in Manhattan this weekend and will have some alone time for a few hours. Will those in the know please suggest a good coffee shop, a good coffee shop frequented by locals not tourists, where I could enjoy a good cup of coffee and sit to read a book for a couple hours. I'm reading HEAT by Bill Buford, by the way, and it's excellent so far.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Ini Ani on stanton between ludlow and essex. I go here to read/catch up on some work quite often. They have free WiFi, as well.

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        Ini Ani is a great space. Have anyone eaten there? I've been tempted by their "persian breakfast" (or some such thing) but never actually stopped in to try it. I'd love to hear more about it.

        On the other hand, re Housing Works, mentioned below--it's a great space, and a great organization, but the cafe options are eh at best. Lukewarm bitter decaf, overly sweet hot chocolate. I want to like them, and wish they'd do better.

      2. there's another post about downtown coffeeshops that's going on right now. highly recommend that you look at that one as well.

        17 bleecker on bleecker st btwn lafayette st & bowery

        doma on perry/waverly (note: they don't allow people to bring in laptops until after 4pm on weekends due to brunch, and for the same reason they may not let you linger until after 4)

        'snice (8th ave/w. 4th st)

        grounded (jane st btwn w. 4th & greenwich ave)

        joe (esp the 13th st location near university pl, which is bigger)

        the grey dog's coffee (carmine st, w. village) after brunch hours (i.e. after 3pm)

        71 irving place (irving place, gramercy park--the name is the address as well)

        mission cafe (2nd ave near e. 5th st, e. village)

        1. In the NoLiTa area, McNally Robinson, 52 Prince St

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            ifreat choice, sticky. nice selection of teas as well. the cafe is attached to a bookstore so it's perfect. when the weather's nice, they open up the windows to the street.

            in that neighborhood, you might want to try cafe gitane in the post-brunch/pre-dinner hours. some on this board might not like the place but i think it's great when it's not so crowded, esp. if the weather's nice as it will be tomorrow (saturday). great sidewalk seating and ok food.

            1. re: surly

              i liked the McNally/Robsinson cafe too but it's gone, at least temporarily...i walked by there a couple days ago and they were gutting that section of the store -- not sure if it's a remodel or what they plan to do w/ the space...

          2. Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe on Crosby St between Prince and Houston. Very comfortable and easy and supports a great organization.