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Jan 5, 2007 04:08 PM

i-cafe still around?

My girlfriend and I were in Teele Sq. last night, around 7:30pm,
and found that I-Cafe was closed..we tried calling the number,
and found it disconnected. Does anyone know if it is still in

We ended up grabbing sandwiches in Grand Prix Cafe on Mass Ave,
which was a nice little place (and upon getting home I found it
had been mentioned in the Globe's Calendar); I was full but
curious to try their desserts, which were tempting looking.

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  1. Unfortunately, I think it has closed before we had a chance to try it out. Read some nice things about it here (I think it's the ex-owner of Soundbites?). I've not seen the sandwich board on the sidewalk since the holidays. Too bad. But the location, right next to and down the stairs from a dentist's office, was going to make it tough to survive.

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      Oh bummer. I drove by right around xmas and made a mental note to check it out in January. Just missed it.

      I agree the location was deadly.

    2. Quick update - walked by the "former" location of iCafe last night around 7 pm. It appears to be open for business again! Didn't have time to run in to take a look and pick up something. I am curious...

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        Maybe the appearence of Mr. Crepe has resparked crepe interest in Somervillians?

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          the hours/days have been shortened a bit ... also Tufts just came back from vaca so maybe that's it? read somewhere that they were waiting for a sign permit...

      2. They have weird hours. Weeknights I think they're open 5-10:30, not sure about weekends. I live around the corner, I can check if anyone wants.

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        1. re: CK Dexter Haven

          (chuckle)...I just had to say, great handle! You are right about the hours. I really will try to check it out this weekend.

        2. Just as a followup (thanks to a l i c e for posting that it was actually open), my g'friend and I
          went to i-cafe last night and had a _really_ nice time. The place was empty, so Ali and Sam
          (owners?) had time to chat. Seems they were closed earlier on because Ali had some bad
          back problems unexpectedly.

          Enough of about the food..I tasted two of the sweet crepes and they were really
          good. I'm no crepe expert, but I certainly could tell that the nutella crepe I got at Mr. Crepe
          last weekend was horrible, and the i-cafe banana and strawberry crepe (drizzled w/choc
          syrup, I think) was really tasty! It was light, thin, slightly chewy.

          I really DO hope these guys do well! They're nice, the crepes (I tasted) were good, the
          layout of the place is awfully pleasant..kind of a "middle eastern" feel (which makes sense
          since I believe they're from Morocco)..couches and chairs around. Friday nights they will
          have North African music live at 8pm. And they said they do breakfasts Fri-Sun. If Ali's
          pancakes are anything like his

          The entrance is rather hidden, unfortunately..right between Amelia's and a dentist's office..
          you enter, go down a set of stairs, open the door, and voila. The kind of place I might expect
          more in..I NYC or maybe Tokyo, squeezed in. But really great vibe to the place.

          1. Ali is deifinitely Morrocan. (OH Boy, MC SLim, wasn't there some recent posts about Morrocans moving into the North End recently,) We said hello to Ali at iCafe tonight (we'd already eaten, so we didn't sample the food...guess we could've mustered a crepe, but I just wasn't in the mood for one tonight). The basement location is really quite cool and totally unexpected by climbing down those their stairs, just as amatto writes. Seating looks comfortable, made for socializing between groups, mirrors ringing the room. Ali seems a young, cool, guy -- he's bringing in live music, special Morrocan dishes, and belly dancers Friday nights, which he says get crowded. We want to check it out this week. Anyone else in the 'hood interested (or not in the hood for that matter)? Ali said after 8 when it started to fill up. I'd be willing to head over around 8 or 9 pm to enjoy the atomsphere. Interested parties can email me off board. One caveat - no alcohol served so you should get tanked before hand, if you so wish.