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Jan 5, 2007 04:07 PM

Italian Beef Sandwich in NYC?

I was recently in Chicago and had my first Italian Beef sandwich at Mr. Beef. Basically, it's like a French Dip made with a spicy beef and slathered on with hot peppers and dunked in the beef cooking juices. It was phenomenally delicious.

Here's a greasy little photo:

I'd gander that with NYC's big Italian community this should be easy to find but I've never really seen anything. Have I just not been looking in the right place?

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  1. there isn't anything in nyc that's an exact replica of the chicago-style italian beef sandwich (agree that it's delicious, btw) but we do have a rough equivalent in the hot roast beef sandwich that's almost exclusive to brooklyn. here's a great article by sietsema of the village voice from 2002 about the topic:

    most of the info. in there is still relevant. of the ones mentioned, i liked monte's, clemente's, and john's. there's also the "special" roast beef hero with fried eggplant and mozzarella at defonte's in red hook, brooklyn. get there early, and remember that they're closed on sundays.

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      No, that ain't Chicago-like by a longshot.

    2. Ooooh...that Defonte's looks good. I'm surprised NYC doesn't have something like Chicago though.

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        yeah i love the sandwiches at defonte's. pain in the neck to get to w/o a car, though - you can walk it in 12-15 minutes from the smith st/9th st stop on the F, but you gotta know where you're going, otherwise you can get lost easily. better bet is to drive, as it's right off of the hamilton ave exit of the BQE. and again, get there early - not only do they close no later than 6 (4pm on saturdays, and they might be closed on mon or tue as well as on sun), but i've found that the roast beef tends to be juicier and more delicious the earlier you get there.

        as for chicago-style italian beef - yeah, dunno why we don't have an exact replica. it's weird how different cities/regions will develop their own particular style of a general food or dish, each with its own tweaks or idiosyncracies. i've been craving the chicago style ever since my last trip to the windy city a year ago, but the brooklyn style isn't shabby in its own right, either :)

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          Since this post has been resurrected - Defonte's is now in Manhattan, on 3rd Ave. & 21st St.

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            Since this post has now been re-resurrected, DeFonte's is now closed - sadly.

            1. re: coasts

              Just to clarify, closed IN MANHATTAN.

              The Red Hook (Brooklyn) original is still open. (Not that anyone said anything to the contrary -- just to clarify.)

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              Well Al's Italian Beef is alive and well and still the best in Chicago.
              I was there when Adam Richman was eating and filming there.

        2. pastoralia, i have some good news regarding the italian beef situation.

          i recently found out that there IS a place in the greater new york area that serves the chicago-style italian beef sandwich - just not in the city proper. it's available at j's beef, which is located at 902 w. st. georges ave (a.k.a. rt. 27 south) in linden, nj. not sure if you're familiar with that section of the garden state, but if not, linden is a blue-collar suburban town in union county, located 20 miles southwest of midtown manhattan.

          i went there yesterday with friends and sampled the italian beef sandwich as well as the chicago-style hot dog. both were pretty authentic and satisfying, though i'd say that the versions i had in chicago were better. still, the food is definitely pretty good. and if you're like me and prefer the italian beef sandwich extra wet, ask the guy making your sandwich to *really* douse the sandwich in the pan juices so it totally sops up the flavor.

          also, i should mention that the owner really plays up the windy city connection by lining his walls with various pictures and memorabilia related to famous chicago sports figures. even though i'm not from chicago, i thought it was pretty cool. like a slice of the second city in jersey.

          needless to say, worth a trip and highly recommended. and almost certainly the only place in the entire region that makes a truly authentic chicago-style hot dog and italian beef sandwich. the sad attempt at a chicago dog served at shake shack cannot compare.

          here are some links regarding this place, including chowhound discussion on the tristate region board:

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            Thanks , i'm near Linden at least once a week

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              fw, you're replying to a post from 2007. I'm pretty sure this place closed.

          2. Wow...that's great! Thanks for the tip.

            1. The original comment has been removed