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Jan 5, 2007 03:59 PM

Gluten-free at Sang Kee

This is a long shot and short notice but we're going to Sang Kee tomorrow night and I was wondering if anyone knows if they offer any gluten-free dishes??

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  1. I don't really know the nitty-gritty of what makes something gluten free but they've got a decent amount of veggie options and roast-meat options w/out noodles or rice.

    Is rice vermicelli gluten free? tofu? If tofu's in, they've got some seafood/tofu soups, but sometimes corn starch is used as a thickener in some of those soups/sauces, and i'm not sure if that's gluten-free.

    1. From your post it sounds like you are set on Sang Kee. In short there is nothing there that is gluten free except for the rice. Unfortunately, even if they offer to cook something in a white sauce there will be issues with the items that are put into the dish and cross contamination from the pans etc.

      If you want asian, try Long's. They will prepare dishes withok with gluten free soy sauce and are very careful.

      There are many restaurants in Philly that cater to gluten allergies but none of them are in chinatown. If you want more recs let me know.

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        yes!!! i'd love more recommendations. we are not set on sang kee (in fact we'll be in south philly at whachovia beforehand) but my parents are pretty picky eaters - definitely not hounds. so, it needs to something not too avante garde and around the same prices as sang kee. thanks, joluvscards! i'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

        1. re: isadorasmama

          I can recommend lot of places. Unfortunately most of them will have a higher price point than sang kee. Long's is pretty reasonable. Erewan thai on 23rd is inexpensive and they have lots of Gluten free options.

          Tre Scalini is more expensive but excellent Italian. Less expensive would be Radicchio but they don't take reservations.

          Sazon is a wonderul Venezuelan place at 10th and Spring Garden. It's not really "out there" in terms of exotic foods and such. Most of their menu is gluten free. They have wonderul arepas (corn cakes) filled with various meats etc. Most of their main dishes have rice. The special steak marinated in cane sugar and spices is really terrific. Very inexpensive and byo.

          Pad Thai at 2nd below south has a number of gluten free items.

          If they haven't been, schedule a stop at Mr. Ritts bakery at 5th and Bainbridge. It is a totally GF bakery and excellent.

          Have a wonderful time.

          1. re: joluvscards

            We wound up at Sazon and it was wonderful. Everyone loved their meals! Thanks for the suggestion.

            Ever been to PF Chang's?
            They have a gluten-free menu.

            1. re: isadorasmama

              Thanks for reporting back. So glad you enjoyed...
              Yes we have been to PF Chang's and enjoyed it. We are still partial to Long's because they are in the hood and adapt almost all of their dishes with GF soy sauce and GF noodles.

              We have been thinking of organizing a GF chow banquet there.

      2. Sazon sounds fabulous but yes...I think it's a bit *too* out there for my parents. We still haven't been able to get my dad to go out to a Mexican restaurant!:/

        Where's Radicchio? What kind of food/prices? Is it normally crowded on an early (around 6) night?

        How expensive is Tre Scalini?

        1. UPDATE!
          I just talked my parents into trying Sazon! This is very exciting.
          My Colombian husband is going to be thrilled. They have arepas and empanatas!!!

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          1. re: isadorasmama

            Excellent! I think you will be pleased. It's a good idea to call ahead and let them know about your dietary requirements. Not required but it is always good to give them a heads up. Also let them know when you arrive.

            They will fry the arepas, plantains and french fries in separate oil. The epanadas are not GF sorry to say but almost everything else is.

            1. re: joluvscards

              Weird. What's in the empanadas? My MIL makes 'em without gluten.
              What do they usually fry the stuff in and what will they fry it in for me?? Thanks again!

              1. re: isadorasmama

                Hi, I guess the empanadas have some wheat flour mixed with the corn but I don't really know. They fry everything in oil but since they use the oil for some items with gluten they always fry in separate (virgin) oil for glutenfree stuff. I suggest that you get everything (gf items that is) fried in the separate oil so that everyone can share.

                Don't fret, they will take good care of you and I hope you like it.

          2. I've taken a gluten-free friend to Sang Kee in Wynnewood and she's been able to dine without any difficulties. One of my favorite places.

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            1. re: susan1353

              Thanks for the info on Sang Kee. Is it owned by the same people as the chinatown location?
              Do they cook with gluten free soy sauce and have items that aren't marinated in soy (like the pork and duck)?

              What does your friend order?
              We haven't found the chinatown restaurants in general to have the ability or inclination to take the measures required to avoid cross contamination. Basically they just offer to steam something and serve it plain with plain rice.

              Maybe we will give the Wynnewood location a try.