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Jan 5, 2007 03:33 PM

fall river restaurants

were heading up to the portuguese riviera tonite to have dinner anybody got some suggestions?thanks and i hope everybody has a great weekend !!!

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  1. I'm by no means a Fall River expert, but a good place to start would be our Fearless Leader's Chow Tour post on the city from last month:

    1. Every one that know of goes to Antonio's in New Bedford for good Portuguese food.

      1. He may be the Fearless Leader but the last word on the Fall River - New Bedford dining scene belongs to our own "King" Louis. Do a search on this board and read any & everything he has to share on the subject. All hail "King" Louis!

        1. I like the Abbey Grille, not only for the food but I love the atmosphere of being in an old church.