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Outrageous Brownies

I'm wondering if anyone happens to have the recipe around for Ina Garten's "Outrageous Brownies"? Thanks in advance.

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    1. re: cackalackie

      Thanks so much. It used to be on the Food Network Canada site and when it wasn't there, I assumed it wasn't on the Food Network site either. Thanks again.

    2. It's on the food network site.

      1. Those are SOOOO good! Just make sure you use the exact size pan called for...measure it. Because mine was just a little smaller (I think 1/2") and the brownies overflowed the pan. But they were still incredible.

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        1. re: wyf4lyf

          I am planning to make these tonight, but I figured that I'd make only half of the recipe, since it makes a lot. I was going to use a 13 x 9 pan (rather than the 13 x 18 pan that it calls for).

          If I just cut all of the ingredients in half, will this work out okay? Forgive me, but I don't bake that often!

          1. re: valerie

            I love love love these brownies and always make a half recipe in the smaller pan. Keep an eye on them at the end of cooking because sometimes they finish just a bit sooner than recipe calls for.

            Enjoy the chocolate high!

            1. re: valerie

              I have even gone so far as to make a 1/6 recipe in my little square 6" corningware baking dish, so the answer to your question is.... yes, it scales. :-)

            1. re: Funwithfood

              The difficulty level listed on the Food Network site is "expert." Are they really hard to make? I'm no expert!

              1. re: cherie

                Actually, if you do a search, it comes up as "expert", "medium" and "easy". Not sure why!


            2. These brownies freeze well too. You can pull one out of the freezer for those "chocolate emergencies"!!

              1. These are great brownies, but I usually halve the recipe--it makes a lot!

                1. I made these on Saturday. You are right, they make A LOT!!
                  I ended up freezing 2/3 of them. But they are the best I have ever had.

                  1. I also made these over the weekend - halved the recipe - and everyone who tried them went nutty. I had to give the recipe to several people. They really are the best brownies I have ever made. I was thinking, this morning, that if I subbed good semisweet chocolate for the chips - by weight, of course - it could be even better. But I'd still add some chips at the end as the recipe says.

                    1. These are my favorite. Just remember that you need to use true instant coffee and not regular coffee grounds.

                      1. Great brownies!! I made them last Tuesday and just served 2/3 of them today (wednesday) over a week later and they were still geat. I left them in the fridge uncut and cut them this morning and they worked great!

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                        1. re: geminigirl

                          Does anyone think it's possible to use instant espresso powder instead of instant coffee? I know I have the espresso on hand and I would love to make these this week! Thanks...

                          1. re: DKS1

                            That would be extra delicious. You might want to cut back a little on the amount but saying that I've done equal substitutions before and it has worked out fine.

                            1. re: Mila

                              So good to know - thank you! Can't wait to try these... I'll be sure to post on how the espresso works out (I think I will use a bit less, just in case!).

                              1. re: DKS1

                                I actually cut down a bit on the instant coffee the second time I made these. I found the coffee flavour a bit too intrusive. I think the original recipe calls for 3 tbsp. in that big batch - I cut it to 2 tbsp. Still intense enough, but doesn't compete with the chocolate as much.

                        2. They are excellent--I cut them in 3/4" squares because they are so rich. They freeze beautifully. I use instant espresso powder (half the amount), quality chocolate in the batter, and 3 cups chocolate chips (white & semi) instead of nuts mixed in at the end. Killer good.

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                          1. re: Funwithfood

                            So what size pan to use if halving the recipe? The original calls for a 9x13, but it sounds like this is still too small for the full recipe. Would an 8x8 work for half the recipe? Or, if making the full recipe, what works best, too?!


                            1. re: DKS1

                              Actually, the original recipe calls for a 13x18x1 1/2" sheet pan, which is a commercial size. I have made these several times, halving the recipe and using a 9x13 size pan. I also used espresso powder. I used 1 1/2 T which is half of the instant coffee powder (I think this actually is espresso powder) called for in the full recipe. I didn't think it was too strong at all. These are absolutely to die for! Whatever you do, don't be tempted to buy the mix....I just happened to see it with the new Barefoot Contessa products our local grocer is carrying. I think the boxed mix for Outrageous Brownies was $7 or $8. Yes, it's expensive to buy the good chocolate and all, but it's just too much fun to make these from scratch!

                              1. re: cookingschool

                                Thank you for pointing out my discrepancy! I actually realized that I had mis-read the pan size last night when I was shopping for the ingredients... I plan to use a 9x13 pan, too, halving the recipe. Interesting that you used the same amt. of espresso powder and had wonderful results... I think I'll do the same! I love how the coffee flavor really brings out the flavor of the chocolate - especially if it's good chocolate! Thanks again...

                                1. re: DKS1

                                  Exactly! Oh, be sure and check your baking time....mine took only about 20 minutes in my convection oven. These brownines are very fudgy. You don't want to overbake them. I know I always have the tendancy to think they're not done enough, and then leave them in too long. So, I have to force myself to pull them out at the right time! Also, don't cut them until they have spent time in the refrigerator. You are going to love these!

                                  1. re: cookingschool

                                    Also, line the pan with (heavy duty) foil (sprayed with a non-stick coating) so they can be removed to a cutting board for easier (and more accurate :) ) cutting.

                                    1. re: Funwithfood

                                      I agree with lining the pan with foil. Just spray, don't bother with butter and flour. I've made hundreds of pans of the outrageous brownies at my job. We cut them in much smaller squares than the recipe calls for. No one has complained! The Pecan Bars are fabulous as well. We also line the pan with foil and spray the foil. Those recipes are so right on, I can do them in my sleep!

                          2. I was going to make these, I can't use nuts though. Since the recipe calls for such a large quantity of nuts (3 cups) can I still make them? What if anything should I use as a subsititute?

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                            1. re: momof3

                              I didn't put nuts in mine and they came out great. Best brownies I have ever made.

                              1. re: chickstein

                                going to make them right now! Thanks chickstein :)

                                1. re: momof3

                                  As noted above, I subbed choc chips (nut allergies in my house). Still fab!!!

                            2. Made these last night for company - FAB. Did not add nuts.

                              Note - I halved the recipe exactly and bakes in a foiled, greased 8X8 square pan. It takes A LOT longer to cook in this pan- at least another 25 minutes. Just keep sticking in your toothpick until it comes out reasonably clean. My oven stinks, but just plan accordingly...

                              Then, let it cool like for 3 hours and it will cut wonderfully. I actually flipped it out of the pan (lovin' the foil!) for the cleanest cut.

                              And, yes, coffee crystals rock. It will smell every coffee-like when whisking it up, but the smell dissipates and the flavor will bloom. I was worried - making these for kids - but, it just enhances the cocoa flavors.

                              1. how do these compare with the cook's illustrated classic brownies?

                                1. Don't remember where I read this tip -- on CH maybe? -- but after the pan comes out of the oven I dump all over 1 pkg of Andes mint chocolates (I remove all the little wrappers while brownies are in the oven, of course). As they melt, I kind of smooth them around. A good variation if you like chocolate mint!

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