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Jan 5, 2007 03:12 PM

Sheet Pizza or Italian Bakery in Atlanta Area?

Hey All,

I am from CT - and we used to go to an Italian Bakery there and get this sheet pizza. Its a really thick bread crust, with sauce and sprinkled cheese on top. Its usually served cold from the bakery. I have had it shipped here a couple times, but would love to find something similar locally. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions??


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  1. Try Whole Foods and get the Foccacia Bread. There is a fabulous Italian specialty market in Dunwoody. I can't remember the name, but maybe another chowhound will know.

    1. E48th St Market is the place in Dunwoody.

      I've had very good focaccia from the Bread Garden way back when. And you might try Highland Bakery and/or Alon's, too.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. the best sheet pizza in atlanta is @ di Rienzos delicatessen in downtown atlanta in the sweet auburn curb market on edgewood ave. The brothers opened another place in Decatur called Avellino's. I think di Rienzo's changed their name and shortened it to Enzo's because people had alot of trouble pronouncing their name. Its Excellent and you will not be disappointed.