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Jan 5, 2007 03:09 PM

Ikea cookware - "Favorit"

I'm researching these to items that I saw at Ikea. Their cookware seems to be mid-range. Anyone have experince with the "Favorit" line?

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  1. Go to Amazon (check the outlet), you will get high quality cookware for the same price.


    1. Do not buy this. Good design but it don´t work

      1. I like Ikea - they make a really nice cork coaster and these glasses that work well with a Miele coffee machine's ability to make a layered latté.

        However, the cookware is suspect (irrespective of line) as the others have already mentioned; you'd do better to look elsewhere. Ditto if you were thinking about buying their knives.

        1. I would stay away from Ikea cookware.I got a low end pots and pans set to just tide me over for two months while my stuff was in storage , and it was terrible.They had a stockpot which gave out a horible smell and i was just boiling water to cook pasta. The smell was so offensive that we had to open all the windows and eat out and stay out till the smell went away.There was nothing stuck to the bottom of the pan to think something got burnt.. But it was a bad experience.

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            How odd. My Ikea 365+ stockpot with lid ( ) was my best kitchen purchase of 2010. Simmers evenly on my ceramic cooktop. Cooks up a giant batch (ok, giant for a single person) of beans perfectly every time. Cleans up nicely, too. Heck, I even composed a little ode to my stockpot I was so happy.

            1. re: MplsM ary

              "Heck, I even composed a little ode to my stockpot I was so happy."

              Now that it's out, you just have to share!

          2. I had occasion to pick up an IKEA pot and was surprised at how unbalanced it felt in my hand. I have no idea how it performs, but the lack of balance would bother me if I used the pan day after day. I find it interesting that other posters are not impressed with IKEA pots.

            For a moderately priced line you could consider Cuisinart pans.