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Ikea cookware - "Favorit"

I'm researching these to items that I saw at Ikea. Their cookware seems to be mid-range. Anyone have experince with the "Favorit" line?



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  1. Go to Amazon (check the outlet), you will get high quality cookware for the same price.


    1. Do not buy this. Good design but it don´t work

      1. I like Ikea - they make a really nice cork coaster and these glasses that work well with a Miele coffee machine's ability to make a layered latté.

        However, the cookware is suspect (irrespective of line) as the others have already mentioned; you'd do better to look elsewhere. Ditto if you were thinking about buying their knives.

        1. I would stay away from Ikea cookware.I got a low end pots and pans set to just tide me over for two months while my stuff was in storage , and it was terrible.They had a stockpot which gave out a horible smell and i was just boiling water to cook pasta. The smell was so offensive that we had to open all the windows and eat out and stay out till the smell went away.There was nothing stuck to the bottom of the pan to think something got burnt.. But it was a bad experience.

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            How odd. My Ikea 365+ stockpot with lid ( http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/pro... ) was my best kitchen purchase of 2010. Simmers evenly on my ceramic cooktop. Cooks up a giant batch (ok, giant for a single person) of beans perfectly every time. Cleans up nicely, too. Heck, I even composed a little ode to my stockpot I was so happy.

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              "Heck, I even composed a little ode to my stockpot I was so happy."

              Now that it's out, you just have to share!

          2. I had occasion to pick up an IKEA pot and was surprised at how unbalanced it felt in my hand. I have no idea how it performs, but the lack of balance would bother me if I used the pan day after day. I find it interesting that other posters are not impressed with IKEA pots.

            For a moderately priced line you could consider Cuisinart pans.

            1. Cookware isn't great, but I have a set of their Fläckig mixing bowls and the Grunka utensil set, which I do quite like. The utensils, especially, have nice heft to them and feel good in my hand. A restaurant supply store will have nicer pots and pans for a similar price.

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                I should add that my parents bought some of plates from Ikea that were supposed to be microwave safe, but nonetheless exploded in the microwave.

              2. I wouldn't spend that much on Ikea as it doesn't seem like a great deal, at least for the frying pan. I feel like I could get something as good or better than that piece for the same or less $$. But I have one of these $15 pans which I like a lot for certain simple things, like eggs: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/pro... It has my favorite feature ever for cleanup: no rivets. I'm seeing how long it will last with moderate use as most likely it's not as strong a handle attachment. For $15, it really doesn't have to last forever for it to feel like a reasonable purchase. At this stage after, eh, I don't know if it's been 2 years, maybe, but over 1 year for sure, I still like it and would buy again.

                The cast iron grill pan, I dunno. Maybe that's fine, not sure how the cost compares.

                1. We have an Ikea 365+ 3 qt. and 5 qt. saucepans and they are great. Although I bought them for $9 at Goodwill I would definitely recommend them at the Ikea price of around $20 for the pair. I haven't used any of the other cookware though.

                  1. I have actually purchased the FAVORIT 7 piece set, a FAVORIT saute pan and cover, the FAVORIT 7" frying pan and the FAVORIT spatula and have been very happy with it. I have had a few Calphalon commercial non-stick frying pans and the IKEA FAVORIT frying pans (w/ teflon) cook equally well (if not better). I like the flat bottoms of the frying pans and the FAVORIT pans hold their heat well. The pots are stainless steel, again, cook well with good heat distribution and clean well. I use a little Bartenders Friend on them with a scotch pad. If you take care of the pans, they will hold up well for you. I usually clean (not just a wash and quick swish with a rag) them after every use and never go overboard on the heat-mainly because I have never needed to. Be patient and let your pan come up to proper heat before cooking anything on it, hit it with a Misto when needed and you should always get good results with the FAVORIT pans. Just my $175 worth ;)

                    1. I bought the Favorit 1 quart saucepan and I have to say it is absolutely fine. It's very simple, polished stainless. Comfortable handle. I just needed a small 1 qt. for occasional use and did not want to pay a lot. It's not All-Clad but it is much nicer and straight forward that lots of other crap out there.

                      That said, I would not buy any cookware from IKEA that nonstick or that had plastic or similar parts or components.

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                        I just bought a favorit cast iron grill pan... so heavy... and so difficult to reach the right temperature.... I turned on my induction cooker (it says works on all cookers) to very high until the cooker cracks! Never used cast iron that heavy before... so, not sure whether the pan is not a great item or I simply dont know how to use it :(.. i wish i can return it to ikea.. just bough it a few days ago....

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                          This is the case with ALL cast iron, not just Ikea. NEVER EVER turn your induction to very high power with cast iron unless the pan/pot is already very hot, else it WILL crack, the same way porcelain will crack if you put it straight from hot oven into cold water. You have to heat cast iron gently, i.e low power at the beginning, and slowly ramping up the power.

                      2. Unlike several other posters, I've been using several IKEA Favorit items for years. And never had any issues with it. What I especially like are the 1qt and 2qt sauce pans and 3qt sauteuse. They are fully clad (i.e. SS-aluminium-SS) and work great for "difficult" food like thicker sauces or risotto. The large frying pan is heavy aluminium (even heating) and has Teflon Professional coating, which is one of the highest grades of Teflon (I think second only to Autograph) you can get. No complaints there either. I also have the square grill pan and works as any CI grill pan would - excellent for steaks, from hob to oven. Haven't has any problems with the enamel either.
                        For many other posters - most of the IKEA furniture may be too cheap (quality-wise) for your taste, but that absolutely does not mean the cookware has to be bad. E.g. Senior CI Casseroles used to be made in France by Staub IIRC

                        1. My first ever saucepan was a bottom of the range, cheap as chips Ikea non-stick milk pan, that I was packed off to college with. That pan will outlast me - it's still as good as the day it was bought, and it's now about 12 years old. I took no care at all with not using metal on the non-stick, and it's held up fine. It's superior to the Le Creuset trivita nonstick milkpan we got 6 years ago for a wedding present - and it was a fraction of the price.

                          Still use it daily to make my porridge - I think in terms of bang for your buck, Ikea stuff is pretty good.

                          1. I have several of the pieces in the Favorit line and they work extremely well on induction, after my pressure cookers and a Vollrath Tribute stir-fry pan the little Favorit skillet is probably my most useful piece. My only complaint is that the handle on the lid of the Favorit saucepan gets really hot and is too small so I have to resort to using a wooden spoon handle as an auxiliary handle. I'd rate the construction and heat distribution of the clad stainless Favorit pans about equal to AllClad stainless.

                            1. I love my Ikea Favorit 1 and 2 quart pans. I also have the small stock pot. I had thought about getting all-clad stuff and also looked at a number of other brands and these seemed by far the nicest for the money. This stuff is much much nicer than the other Ikea lines, in my opinion. The saucepans are very thick and fully clad. I don't have a microwave, so I use them all the time for heating up even small amounts of food and nothing burns. I don't do non-stick, so I bought a copper core Sitram pan for my frying pan needs, but I would have bought more Favorit items if they were available.

                              ***Edited: Sorry I clicked on your links after I responded and saw that you are not interested in the stainless stuff. Like I said, I don't have experience with the non-stick. I think I'd also do some research on what you can get from lodge in cast iron before I bought any from Ikea. For what it's worth, I have a lodge reversible griddle (griddle on one side and grill pan on the other) that I like.

                              1. I like the Favorit all metal tri ply pans, the 365+ pots, and the $9.99 cast iron pan they have. Some of their dutch ovens look nice also. The thing about Ikea is that quality can vary by line. It is generally fairly easy to tell which pieces are quality and which aren't.

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                                  I have two Ikea saucepans that I think are from the stainless-steel Favorit line, and I've been happy with them. I don't use them for long-simmering--I use Le Creuset for that--but bought them as everyday saucepans to use for things like boiling eggs, heating soup, cooking a small quantity of pasta, blanching a few vegetables. . . . I was attracted by the fact that they have measurements marked on the inside, which is handy when a recipe calls for reducing stock or cider or something.

                                  Someone will ask why I don't just use my Le Creuset for the tasks I've mentioned above. I don't really know--I just don't.

                                2. I love my favorit frying pan. i bought the weird oblong pan because they no longer stocked the larger size pan in my local store. I just found it online, though, and I am getting it today based on my great experience with the smaller fry pan.